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Dish Just Did The Impossible And Paved The Way For Internet TV

By | 8 Comments

Dish Network just pulled off something not even Apple could do.

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HBO’s CEO Says It’s Cool That You’re All Sharing HBO Go Passwords

By | 2 Comments

HBO CEO Richard Plepler says the network doesn't care that people are sharing HBO Go passwords because they're "in the business of creating addicts."

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Can Congress Fix The Cable Industry And Give Hope To Cord Cutters?

By | 6 Comments

New legislation aims to loosen the vice grip on media distribution while providing freedom of choice to consumers.


Cord Cutters Rejoice! HBO Go Can Be Purchased A La Carte (Kind Of) In Some Markets

By | 29 Comments

It's not ideal, but Comcast is now offering HBO Go without full-scale cable television packages in some markets.


HBO: We Could Maybe Possibly Make HBO Go A Netflix-Style Service. Maybe. Possibly.

By | 14 Comments

HBO Go may come to cord-cutters... provided the network can make "the math" work.


Aereo Comes To Roku, Gets Ready To Roll Out To 22 More Cities

By | 4 Comments

Aereo plans to take away any need for you to own an antenna... or, for that matter, a cable subscription.

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Sony Wants To Replace Cable Completely With New Streaming Service

By | 7 Comments

Sony would like you to dump cable for their streaming service. But will cable let it happen?

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You May Soon Be Able To Subscribe To Individual Cable Channels

By | 21 Comments

Unbundled cable programming could be in our near future, but do we REALLY want it?

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Cable Deterring Cord-Cutters With Deals, Lots Of Deals

By | 7 Comments

Want to cut the cord? Cable will make it cheaper not to.

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Cable TV Is So Over: A Quick Guide to Cutting the Cord

By | 8 Comments

So, you hate paying $100 or more a month for cable, <a href="">especially since the price will keep going up year after year</a>.

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The NFL Finally Gets Into The Streaming Game


I don't hate sports, but I hate the hell out of professional sports leagues.

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