Please Enjoy Bruce Willis And David Letterman Sloppily Eating Corn Together


Bruce Willis stops by Letterman to show off his brand new method for eating corn, sharing with Dave and the audience.


How to Eat Corn in 10 Seconds

People are in such a hurry these days.


Stephen Colbert Unveils Hilarious 'Rick Parry' Ad

Earlier this week, I riffed on how it seemed that many in the media seemed to have forgotten that Stephen Colbert is a political satirist who makes his living mocking conservatives and Fox News, for the most part.

sleeping habits of Tom Coughlin

Peter King Wants You To Know That Ed Reed Isn’t Giving You His Gloves


When we last left human life preserver Peter King, he was being double teamed by a pair of urologists and bitching out the inventor of the Blackberry Storm.

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