The Cosby Show

A Very Important Celebration Of Bill Cosby’s Greatest Sweaters From ‘The Cosby Show’


NBC's classic sitcom 'The Cosby Show' turns 30 tomorrow, so let's honor it with a little history behind the greatest Cosby sweaters.

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Those Ugly USA 2014 Olympic Team Sweaters Cost HOW Much?


For the bargain price of just thousands of dollars, you too can own one of these ugly pieces of crap.


Bill Cosby Tweets About Cosby Sweaters, Internet Singularity Achieved


Bill Cosby is aware of the internet's obsession with his Cosby sweaters, is now tweeting about it. Maybe the Mayans were right about 2012.


Amazing Knitting Machine Hack Makes Ultimate Cosby Sweater For Bill Cosby

Artist and craftsman Andrew Salomone has amazingly hacked a vintage 80's knitting machine to essentially print knitted garments from a 1 bit bitmap image file and of course the only thing anyone cares about is making Bill Cosby tribute sweaters.

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