More Men Are Getting Botox Treatments, So Guess What They’re Calling It

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'Brotox' is the new name for the rising trend of Botox use among older men, as they think looking young will help save their jobs.


A Woman Tried Out A ‘Boob Boosting’ Wonderlift Machine On British TV

By | 16 Comments

A woman named Nicole gave the audience of England's 'This Morning' a treat when she exposed her breasts to try out the Wonderlift 'boob boosting' machine.


George Clooney’s ‘Ball Ironing’ Is The New Craze That’s Taking Over Hollywood

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Men like George Clooney in Hollywood and beyond are reportedly visiting cosmetic experts to have the wrinkles ironed out of their testicles.


Nightmare Fuel: Woman Who Had Cosmetic Stem Cell Treatment Grew Bones In Her Eye

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Somehow, it's not an urban legend that a woman who underwent an unregulated cosmetic surgery involving stem cells grew bone fragments in her eye.


Kill Your Fat Cells With Ice Instead of Fire. Or Suction.

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If there's one surefire way to make money in America, it's by offering people new ways to get rid of fat that don't involve eating right or exercising.

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