The Cast Of ‘Cougar Town’ Prepares For The Final Season In ‘One Last Pour’

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The cast of TBS's 'Cougar Town' puts a happy tune to the final season in this music video for 'One Last Pour.'


An Overview Of The 20 Most Important New And Returning Shows This January

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A quick look at all the new and returning shows (and their premiere dates) that will dominate our television lives this month.


15 Incredibly Fun Examples Of Celebrity Paradoxes On Television

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Fun examples of celebrity paradoxes, where one character refers to a character played by the same actor in a different universe.


What’s On Tonight: Put A Lid On The Penny Can For 2013

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The 'Cougar Town' season finale, plus the new dating show 'Ready for Love.'


What’s On Tonight: Will ‘Justified’ Pay Homage To Tarantino Again?

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The season's penultimate episode of 'Justified' and Penny Can returns to 'Cougar Town.'


Let’s Celebrate ‘Cougar Town’s’ Renewal With Ellie Torres’ Best GIFs And Put Downs

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'Cougar Town' picked up for another year. It's an embarrassment of b*tches!


What's On Tonight: The Chase For Drew Thompson Begins

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'Justified' and Emilia Clarke on Letterman are your best bets for TV tonight.


A Month Of TV Goodness: The 10 Most Anticipated New And Returning Shows This January

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A look ahead at a very exciting month of what will hopefully be great television that includes the return of 'Justified' and 'Archer.'


The 10 Best Episodes of the 2011-2012 Network Television Season

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Now that the end of the network season has arrived, I thought it would be fun to catalog the ten best episodes of the network season (again, note the word "Network," which excludes shows on HBO, FX, AMC, and Showtime).


Poll: Who Was the Funniest Character on Network TV This Year

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Ron Swanson Laurie Keller Max Blum Schmidt Troy Barnes Liz Lemon Phil Dunphy Jack Donaghy Ellie Torres Brad Williams Abed Nadir James Van Der Beek Andy Dwyer Jane Kerkovich-Williams Burt Chance Sheldon Cooper Marshall Eriksen.


Bill Lawrence Is Stepping Down as 'Cougar Town' Showrunner

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Less than a week after it was announced "Cougar Town" would be moving to TBS, presumably because it's "Very Funny," co-creators Bill Lawrence ("Scrubs") and Kevin Biegel said that they would be stepping down as showrunners for next season.


What's On Tonight: Double Doses and Season Finales

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Image via Cougar Town (ABC) - Tonight's back-to-back episodes feature a sexy contest between Ellie and Laurie, and Little Stan getting his hands on Big Carl.


Woo Woo! Let's Celebrate 'Cougar Town's' TBS Renewal with Laurie Keller's Best GIFs

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As had been rumored earlier in the week, ABC has officially canceled "Cougar Town," and TBS has swooped in and renewed the show for two more seasons of 15 episodes apiece.


TBS May Save 'Cougar Town,' Give the Future Two More Years of Penny Can

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Of all the ABC sitcoms that haven't been picked up for next season yet -- "Don't Trust the B---- in Apt.


What's On Tonight: 'Cougar Town,' Crappy Shows, and Basketball

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Image via Cougar Town (ABC) - On tonight's show, Julie finds out that Holly hooked up with Travis.

#jimmy fallon

What’s On Tonight: ‘Cougar Town’ and a Bunch of Singing and Dancing

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Cougar Town/Dancing With the Stars (ABC) - ATTENTION MIDDLE-AGED WOMEN WHO PROBABLY DON'T READ THIS BLOG: Watch "Cougar Town" before "Dancing With the Stars" tonight.

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