‘SNL’s ‘Wishing Boot’ Is The Catchiest Country Music Song In Years

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If "Wishing Boot" is the only Blake Shelton song you know, that's totally fine.

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Allow This Mash-Up To Explain Why Today’s Country Music Hits Sound The Same

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A YouTube user combined six recent country music hits to prove that today's most popular songs sound exactly like each other.

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Blake Shelton Will Serve As Host And Musical Guest For ‘Saturday Night Live’

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Blake Shelton joins an elite group of country music stars by serving as 'Saturday Night Live' host and musical guest on Jan. 24.

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Country Singers Ty Herndon And Billy Gilman Came Out In Separate Statements Today

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In separate statements, country music singers Ty Herndon and Billy Gilman announced that they are gay.

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Jimmy Kimmel Is Going To Host Two Shows At Once Thanks To The Miracle Of Holograms


Jimmy Kimmel is going to host 'Jimmy Kimmel Live' and The CMA Awards at the same time and he's using holograms to do it.


Music Critic Writes That He’d Rather Have Ebola Than Watch Florida-Georgia Line Perform ‘Bro-Country’ Songs

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A music critic obliterated Bro Country's biggest stars by writing that having Ebola would be better than seeing Florida-Georgia Line again.


Whatever Happened To The Dixie Chicks After They Pissed Off AMERICA?

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We know, "We're ashamed that the President of the United States is from Texas," but what happened next?

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Here’s Willie Nelson Using A Classic Card Trick To Tell A Very Charming Story

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Willie Nelson manages to use nothing but a deck of cards to entertain and tell a story.


Tom Hiddleston Dropped Into The Wheatland Music Festival To Play A Little Hank Williams

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Tom Hiddleston dropped into the Wheatland Music Festival to play a few tunes by Hank Williams.


Rascal Flatts Covered ‘Kickstart My Heart’ And Motley Crue Says It’s ‘Their Song Now’

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For the upcoming 'Nashville Outlaws' tribute album, Rascal Flatts took on 'Kickstart My Heart' and Motley Crue said it's their song now.

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‘Rap Is Crap’ Is 15 Years Old So Let’s Reflect Upon Its Undeniable Glory

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There's only one thing that I hate, cause it's a bunch of crap. 'I Hate Rap' by the West Texas Rednecks is 15 years old, so let's look back.


Brad Paisley Grabbed This Fan’s GoPro Camera And Used It To Play A Slide Guitar Solo

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This fan's Brad Paisley concert experience trumps your concert experience.


Peyton Manning Covered ‘Folsom Prison Blues,’ Reportedly Shot Man Just To Watch Him Die

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If you've ever wanted to hear Peyton Manning cover Johnny Cash, now's your chance. 'Folsom Prison Blues' by a man who has lived them (?).


Willie Nelson Earned His Fifth-Degree Black Belt In GongKwon Yusul For His Birthday

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One day ahead of his 81st birthday, Willie Nelson earned his fifth-degree black belt in the modern Korean martial art, GongKwon Yusul.


Luke Bryan Stopped Crashing Parties Long Enough To Make A Young Girl's Wish Come True


During his performance of his hit song 'Crash My Party,' Luke Bryan brought 6-year old Sadie Jane Moore on stage and serenaded her.

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10 Surprising Things You Might Not Know About Johnny Cash On The Man In Black’s Birthday

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Celebrate the birthday of Johnny Cash with 10 facts about the Man in Black, three of them involving strange incidents with birds.


Country Star Trace Adkins Got Into A Drunken Cruise Ship Brawl With His Impersonator


Trace Adkins fought himself on a boat while drunk. This story makes sense, we swear.

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Here's Proof That Every Country Music Song From 2013 Sounds Exactly The Same

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Once you've heard one country song about trucks, you've heard them all.


The Best And Worst Of WWE Raw 11/18/13: Jeff Jarrett Is On This One, Kind Of

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The Best and Worst of WWE Raw for November 18, 2013. Raw Country! Florida Georgia Line is here, and also HOOTIE.

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