Netflix Set To Lose ‘Doctor Who,’ ‘Luther,’ And Many Other BBC Shows This Month

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Here are some the shows Netflix streaming will lose this month if they don't settle a contract with the BBC.


An Unofficial Ranking Of The 15 Worst ‘Must See TV’ NBC Thursday Night Sitcoms

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The worst sitcoms on NBC's Thursday 'Must See TV' sitcom block since Bill Cosby came along and saved the network in the early 80s.


5 Great British Shows America Got Right With Remakes And 5 They Cocked Up

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Let's take a look back at five great British shows America miraculously got right and five they cocked up royally when attempting to translate them across the pond.


Scandal! Ten Examples of Religious Groups Freaking Out Over TV Shows

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Earlier this week, Matt wrote about how the Mormon-owned KSL-TV NBC affiliate in Salt Lake City will refuse to air "Playboy Club" when it premieres in the fall.

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