It’s Hard To Blame This Distraught Father For Throwing His Chair At A Judge

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A grief-stricken father threw his chair at a judge for what she did.


Watch Someone Awkwardly Explain What Grindr Is To Judge Judy

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Someone had to explain what Grindr is to Judge Judy.


A Judge Actually Ruled That It’s Legal For People To Yell ‘Howard Stern’s Penis’ On TV

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A New York judge dismissed a 'Booey Bomb' case yesterday, claiming that while it's 'inappropriate,' it's not illegal.


A Former Pro Wrestler Just Won $2.3 Million Because Abdullah The Butcher Bled On Him

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Former pro wrestler 'Hannibal' was awarded $2.3 million in a Canadian court because WWE Hall of Famer Abdullah the Butcher gave him Hep C.


Mark Cuban Was Found Not Guilty Of Insider Trading And Sent A Message To The Government

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On Wednesday, Dallas Mavericks owner and Dennis Feinstein’s favorite charitable billionaire Mark Cuban was cleared for a second time on charges that he had committed insider trading in 2004, when he sold his shares in a search engine and avoided a $750,000 loss thanks to a phone call from the company’s CEO.


Oktoberfest Begins And An iPhone Ends A Court Case

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The 200th annual Oktoberfest has kicked off in Munich this Saturday, with Mayor Christian Ude tapping the first keg and declaring, "O'zapft is" (It's tapped), the only German phrase I'll ever need.

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