Curren$y Pays Homage To Pimp C’s “Dirty Money” Verse

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In the latest installment of the 2Dopeboyz/Restless Films “VS” series, Curren$y spits a classic Pimp C verse (<a href="" target="_blank">who we at TSS love</a>, <a href="" target="_blank">as you should</a>) from the song “Dirty Money” after sharing why it inspired him.

Wilmarie Sena

Emilio Rojas Is Still At His Point Break


I told y'all Rojas knows how to round up a despondent dame to make a good video.

The Last Days

J The S Feat. Styles P. & Emilio Rojas – “Razor” x “Shadows” Video


Seeing that the world's allegedly ending and all this year, <a href="">J The S</a> is going out with a bang with The Last Days LP.

Weekend At Burnie's

Curren$y – “This Is The Life”

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It may seem like <a href="">Curren$y</a> shares the same lane as any other 420 friendly rapper, but records like "This Is The Life" clearly widen the gap between him and the rest of the pack.


Curren$y Spits For Court Dunn’s “16 Bars” Series

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"What haters say’ll never affect the way that I live…" Curren$y’s affinity for hot wheels is well documented, but Spitta "wasn’t in the mood to steer" when he linked up with director <a href="">Court Dunn</a> for the latest installment of his 16 Bars series Thankfully, he was in the mood to rhyme.

The Sky Is Falling

J The S – “Call You Snitch” Video


When you get knocked for a crime, there's a two-way street in which more problems can fly your way.

Tiffany Blue Tuesdays

80 Blocks From Tiffany’s – “Mic Check” Video

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<a href=""> It's only right the "Mic Check" video from Camp Lo and Pete Rock (as <a href="">80 Blocks From Tiffany's</a>) presents stylish and updated visuals alongside throwback imagery from a more pure period of Hip-Hop.


Emilio Rojas – “Right To Stay” Video

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<a href=""> Rappers rap but half of them ain't saying nothing. Hip-Hop is about teaching through its urban art form. <a href="">Emilio Rojas</a> just so happens to be a gentleman and a scholar of the music that can feed the needy better than the nation's best soup kitchen.


J The S – “Anyways” Video

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<a href=""> J The S knows a thing or three about relaying nitty-gritty stories and keeping a Cooler cutie on his arm, or at least attempting to. Relationships are more hostile fighting grounds than any rap or fist battle he's experienced as Boston youth. It gets hot and then cold, up and then down before it all goes exploding in your face. Pent up frustrations with the seductive <a href="">Kathy Lantigua</a> is more than enough for the homie Jake to stand and he's chunk up the deuces before he has to shake the monkey shit out of a chick.


XV – “F.I.F.A.” Video

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<a href=""> Whether he's kicking lyrics or kicking at in the crib, <a href="">the Kid from Kansas</a> knows how to expand his international reputation, since Hip-Hop is an universal artform.

Vinnie Chase

Saigon Has A Message For Black America

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<a href=""> Court Dunn - in conjunction with <a href=""></a> and Restless Films - has decided to embark on a mission with his REWIND series.

Restless Films

Rah Digga – “Classic” Video


<a href=""> The video series that keeps it moving 'til the very end is back to champion Rah Digga's eponymic campaign. It's always poetry in motion whenever Harriet Thugman verbally assaults a track and the <a href="">Nah Right</a> x Court Dunn x Restless Films was on standby to capture her latest act of microphone malice.

Restless Films

Emilio Rojas Feat. Jaiden The Cure – “To The Fullest” Video


There's only one life to live and notice you get no sequel.

talib kweli

Reflection Eternal – “So Good” Video

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<a href=""> The latest entry Nah Right & Court Dunn's <a href="">One Shot series</a> is Reflection Eternal and their track "So Good.

Restless Films

Donny Goines – “Not Your Fault” Video

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<a href=""> <a href="">Sir Donny Goines</a> gets the 4G coverage from <a href="">Nah Right</a>, Court Dunn & Restless Films in yet another brilliantly executed One Shot deal (no B.


Rhymefest Feat. John Mayer – “Letter” Video

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<a href=""> Honestly, I didn't think there was any way that <a href="">Court Dunn</a> could continue to top his previous output in the <a href="">One Shot series</a>, done in conjunction with <a href="">eskay & co</a>.

Wish You Were Here Mixtape

J The S – “Handcuff Sex” Video

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Possibly the most underrated advantage of being at <a href="">SXSW </a>is the ability to get actual hard copies of these street albums that get passed along the web like the Trojan virus.

One Shot Series

Kidz In The Hall – “The Introlude” Video


“Between your future and your present…Between what’s real and what’s fake…Between where you are and where you want to be…Lies the Land of Make Believe.

Tiara Wiles

The Kid Daytona Feat. Tiara Wiles – “The Minimum” Video

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One of last year's <a href="">premiere listenings</a> still has legs and the quality to boot, now courtesy of the One Shot trio of Court Dunn x Restless Films x <a href="">Nah Right</a>.

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