This ‘Friends’ Superfan’s Tiny Replica Of Monica Geller’s Apartment Is Incredibly Detailed


Artist and 'Friends' devotee Bruna Salvador Conforto made the replica over the course of two years.

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10 Things You Might Not Know About The ‘Friends’ Finale On Its 10th Anniversary

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OMG, it's been 10 years since Rachel and Ross had their final kiss, you guys!


Courtney Cox Finally Kills The Idea Of A ‘Friends’ Reunion

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Courtney Cox stopped by Letterman and managed to put the nail in the coffin for a 'Friends' reunion, at least until her next interview.


A Friend(s)ly Woman Named Courtney Cox Was Arrested For Skinny Dipping In A Fountain

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Courtney Cox, which sounds a lot like Courteney Cox, was arrested for swimming in a fountain.

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