This ‘Friends’ Superfan’s Tiny Replica Of Monica Geller’s Apartment Is Incredibly Detailed

Artist and 'Friends' devotee Bruna Salvador Conforto made the replica over the course of two years.

#Fascinating Facts

10 Things You Might Not Know About The ‘Friends’ Finale On Its 10th Anniversary


OMG, it's been 10 years since Rachel and Ross had their final kiss, you guys!


Courtney Cox Finally Kills The Idea Of A ‘Friends’ Reunion


Courtney Cox stopped by Letterman and managed to put the nail in the coffin for a 'Friends' reunion, at least until her next interview.


A Friend(s)ly Woman Named Courtney Cox Was Arrested For Skinny Dipping In A Fountain


Courtney Cox, which sounds a lot like Courteney Cox, was arrested for swimming in a fountain.

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