Courtney Love Gave Marilyn Manson A Time And Place Where They Can ‘F*ck’

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Courtney Love and Marilyn Manson have the weirdest relationship.


Here Is An Alleged Nirvana Bootleg Recorded 25 Years Ago Today


The quality isn't great, but it's a fun look back into the past for Nirvana nerds. Meanwhile, Beliebers are asking, "Who is Nirvana?"


Watch Courtney Love Perform A Piece From An Opera That Apparently Stars Courtney Love


Courtney Love prepares for her opera debut in 'Kansas City Choir Boy'.

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Courtney Love, Billy Corgan And Marilyn Manson Have Ended Their Respective Feuds

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The three-way feud between Courtney Love, Billy Corgan and Marilyn Manson is officially over, for now.

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Everything You Need To Know About Howard Stern’s Revealing Interview With Dave Grohl And Foo Fighters

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From his epic Prince story to the David Bowie song that almost happened, Dave Grohl and Foo Fighters had a lot to discuss with Howard Stern.


Courtney Love Explains Why She And Dave Grohl Finally Made Up: Boobs

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Courtney Love told Jimmy Kimmel it was their mutual appreciation for an actress' boobs that ended her 20 year feud with Dave Grohl.

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Courtney Love Is Dead Serious About Her $10,000 Stripper Bet With Dave Grohl

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Dave Grohl and Courtney Love took their beef squashing to the next level with a $10,000 wager over who can get the most strippers.


Frotcast 225: In Which We Interview Nerd Punk Pioneer And YouTuber Extraordinaire Parry Gripp

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We cover the career of Parry Gripp, from "Weezer knock off" lead singer, to the hottest jingle and theme song writer in Hollywood.

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The Ultimate Timeline Of Gwen Stefani’s Inexplicable Agelessness

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For Gwen Stefani's 45th birthday, we celebrate the seemingly ageless beauty and brilliance of the successful pop icon.


Courtney Love Has Spent $27 Million In ‘Nirvana Money’ Since Kurt Cobain’s Death

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Since the day Kurt Cobain dropped dead, Courtney Love has spent tens of millions of dollars in what she calls "Nirvana money."

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Here’s Everything We Know So Far About The Final Season Of ‘Sons Of Anarchy’

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A rundown of all the details we have so far on the final season of 'Sons of Anarchy' ahead of its September premiere.


Kurt Cobain And Courtney Love Were Taking Selfies Long Before It Was Cool

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Kurt and Courtney are peak cool, therefore selfies used to be cool.


Courtney Love Has Joined The Cast Of ‘Sons of Anarchy’ For Its Final Season

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On paper, Courtney Love joining the cast of 'Sons of Anarchy' sounds like the most natural pairing ever, however its not without a twist.


Turns Out Courtney Love Wrote Kurt Cobain’s ‘B*tch With Zits’ Note

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Courtney Love played a 20-years-in-the-making joke on the media.

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Courtney Love Wants No Part In A Nirvana Reunion That No One Asked Her To Be A Part Of

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Courtney Love wants no part of any sort of Nirvana reunion. Even though she wasn't in the band.

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