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Courtney Love Wants No Part In A Nirvana Reunion That No One Asked Her To Be A Part Of

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Courtney Love wants no part of any sort of Nirvana reunion. Even though she wasn't in the band.


Courtney Love Is Getting The Hole Gang Back Together

By | 6 Comments

Courtney Love is reuniting with Hole to repair her legacy.

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Despite Her Best Efforts, Courtney Love Has Not Found Malaysia Airlines Flight MH370

By | 9 Comments

Using the expanded map coverage from Tomnod, Courtney Love, of all people, thinks that she found where the missing Malaysia Airlines plane crashed.

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Courtney Love Left Her iPhone In A Cab And A NY Times Columnist Found It

By | 3 Comments

Courtney Love got really lucky. It could have been a someone who works for the New York Post.


If They Melded: Anthony Weiner + Courtney Love Edition


<a href="">Conan O’Brien</a> mashes together video footage of more celebrities, and the results are horrifying.


Watch Craig Ferguson And Courtney Love Reflect Fondly On The Time He Turned Her Down For Sex

By | 7 Comments

Craig Ferguson takes a lovely trip down memory lane with Courtney Love. Ah, memories!

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Courtney Love Gave Jay-Z Permission To Use Lyrics From 'Smells Like Teen Spirit' On His New Album

By | 9 Comments

Courtney Love revealed in a Huffington Post interview that she gave Jay-Z permission to use lyrics from Nirvana's "Smells Like Teen Spirit" on his new album.

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Only One Person Replied To Courtney Love’s Craigslist Ad

By | 5 Comments

Courtney Love took to Craigslist to find a bassist. It did not go well.


Courtney Love Has Some Advice For Amanda Bynes

By | 16 Comments

Courtney Love has come out of the woodwoek to offer life advice on Twitter to Amanda Bynes. Courtney Love is the new Ann Landers, you guys!


Comment of the Week: Tyler Perry Is Shown No Mercy

By | 26 Comments

If ever <a href="">Kevin Smith gets sh*t talked on this website</a>, fans come to his rescue.


Move Over Stephen Dorff, Courtney Love Is The Face Of eCigs Now

By | 20 Comments

Last we checked in on the eCig community, actor and Skeet Ulrich impersonator Stephen Dorff <a href="">was offering his best popped coat collar chin scratching for the people at blu</a>.

Courtney Love Covered Jay-Z’s ’99 Problems’ At Sundance

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The irony in this is that Courtney Love would probably sue Jay-Z if he were to cover one of her songs. So there's that.

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Courtney Love Ruins ‘Heart-Shaped Box’ For Everyone Forever

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As you may have heard, Lane Del Rey has been going around doing a cover of Nirvana's "Heart-Shaped Box." If that wasn't enough to ruin for the song for you, Courtney Love may have delivered the kill shot on Twitter this morning with two tweets.


Sleeping Kid Wakes Up In Backseat, Rocks Out To Nirvana

By | 3 Comments

Yes, today is, in fact, <a href="">kid video day at UPROXX</a>.


Frances Bean Cobain: ‘Twitter Should Ban My Mother’


In response to Courtney Love -- who seems to be off her medication of late even more than usual -- <a href="">accusing Dave Grohl of trying to seduce</a> her, <a href="">the lovely Frances Bean Cobain</a> has <a href="">issued a terse statement in regards to her mother's batsh*t accusations</a>.

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Courtney Love Is Accusing The Muppets Of Having 'Raped' Kurt Cobain

By | 4 Comments

As you may recall, <a href="">Courtney Love is a crazy person</a>.

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Courtney Love says the Muppets raped her

By | 35 Comments

Just weeks after Kim Novak <a href="" target="_blank">took out a full-page ad in Variet</a>y saying "I'd like to report a rape" because of a Vertigo sample in The Artist, Courtney Love has become the latest public figure to accuse a film soundtrack of violating her.

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