Harrison Ford Takes Out Papa Smurf On Conan


Last night Harrison Ford went on Conan — where he seemed slightly less stoned than his recent Letterman appearance — to promote Cowboys & Aliens.

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Olivia Wilde Discusses Nude Scene in Cowboys & Aliens, Emma Stone Uses A Shake Weight

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If you hadn't heard, Olivia Wilde filmed a scene without clothes on for Cowboys & Aliens (opening today).


A Heap Of Cowboys And Aliens Clips Plus A Freddie Wong Video


Today we have several trailers and clips from Cowboys & Aliens, which may secretly be "a $140 million dollar adaptation of a Far Side Cartoon" as page Scott Mitchell Rosenberg graphic novel published by Platinum Studios in 2006 (which they paid comic book stores to stock at the time), but just look at that Gary Larson comic.


GammaSquad Giveaway: Cowboys And Aliens Swag (Plus a Clip)

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UPDATE: Comment #5 (That's you, essequemodeia) won.


Cowboys And Aliens Extended Trailer

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There's a new trailer for the bracelet, then sh-t gets real and aliens kidnap Harrison Ford's son and Sam Rockwell's wife.


More Super Bowl Spots: Thor, Super 8, Transformers, Cowboys and Aliens

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Instead of writing about each of these TV spots individually, let's get right to it and put them all in one place.

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