The 15 Biggest Flops of 2011

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And now for your daily dose of easy Schadenfreude, the top 15 flops of 2011.


The 10 Biggest Flops of Summer

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The Hollywood Reporter recently ran a feature on "Summer Box Office's 10 Biggest Flops of 2011,"  (not to be confused with The Biggest Flops of 2011 So Far from a few weeks ago) and even though summer isn't even over yet, I know these "lists of things with numbers next to them" soothe the internet beast.


Cowboys & Aliens Smurfed the Bed

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This could change when the final numbers come in, but early estimates have Cowboys and Aliens tied with The Smurfs with $36.


Weekend Movie Guide: Cowboys & Aliens & Brohawks & Smurfs

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MOVIES OPENING THIS WEEK: Cowboys and Aliens, Attack the Block (in select cities), Crazy Stupid Love, The Smurfs.


DADDY ISSUES! KIDS WITH DOGS! Cowboys & Aliens is like Lost with Cowboys, Aliens (Review)

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Cowboys and Aliens is an absurdist pastiche of overused action movie tropes (Bourne in the old west.


IMPORTANT: Cowboys & Aliens has an Apache extra named ‘Freddy Apache’

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BREAKING NEWS UPDATE: There is an Apache extra in Cowboys and Aliens whose name is "Freddy Apache.


Harrison Ford Was So Stoned On Letterman Last Night

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So I was out last night -- a little later and a little more imbibed than I typically like to be on a school night, but whatever -- and missed the talk shows I typically watch before bed each night: Colbert, the Daily Show and Letterman.


Extended trailer for Cowboys & Aliens & Explosions & Velociraptors & Boobs

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The new extended trailer for Cowboys and Aliens premiered the other night on Spike TV's Guy's Choice Awards and I missed it, probably because I'd rather watch my grandma's cakefarts video than regular Spike programming.


Name that crotch! The Sexy Summer Movie Codpiece Quiz.

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Things have obviously been a little crazy around here this week, what with all of the Gloria Allreds of the Interwebs putting a bounty on Vince’s testicles.



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Cowboys and Aliens, the second release (after I Am Number Four) under the newly-reshuffled Dreamworks arrangement, from director John Favreau and the writers of Lost, Iron Man, and Star Trek, opens July 1st.


Humpday Mashup Dump


Good afternoon you princes of Maine, you kings of New England, you stalkers of In the offing for today: FIRST VIDEO: If you liked the other My Little Pony mashups (Rainbow Knight and Ponycraft 2) you might like "300 Ponies".


Humpday Mashup Dump


Good afternoon you princes of Maine, you kings of New England, you stalkers of FIRST VIDEO: Toy Se7en [via THD] SECOND VIDEO: Inception + The Room [via ToplessRobot] THIRD VIDEO: The Simpsons + The Big Lebowski (NSFW language) [via Neatorama] FOURTH VIDEO: So much work went into making this Lord of The Rings mashup full of d-ck jokes.


The Epic Scam Behind “Cowboys and Aliens”


In something that may shock and surprise you, the original comic book that they decided to base a huge Hollywood movie on, and was insanely obscure before, costs a lot of money on eBay now.


Daniel Craig Has Amnesia, Rocket Hands

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Okay, now I'm starting to get new-trailer fatigue.

steven spielberg

Cowboys and Aliens Might Actually Be… Good?

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The first trailer and poster have arrived for Cowboys and Aliens, and I didn't write about it when just the poster dropped because it appeared to be a movie starring and centered around Daniel Craig's butt.


John Cusack as Edgar Allan Poe

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This post will be a nice little round-up of the new pictures and posters going around the web today.

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Olivia Wilde Is A Big Star

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It's been a slow news week, but even if it weren't we are still morally obligated to tell you OLIVIA WILDE NUDE SCENE TOPLESS WHIPPED CREAM SHOWER CAM PICTURE GALLERY BELOW.

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