Watch As These Clever Cow Thieves Pull Off An Epic Heist With Gusto

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These two men had a cunning plan to steal this cow and were not about to let common sense stop them.


Watch A Bunch Of Cows Practically Stampede When They Hear Lorde’s ‘Royals’ On Trombone

By | 6 Comments

Nothing has ever gotten as excited about anything as these cows get hearing 'Royals' on trombone.


One Single Lightning Bolt Just Wiped Out A Sh*tload Of Cows

By | 10 Comments

A Montana rancher lost 80% of her herd in the blink of an eye.

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Meet Milkshake, The Cow Who Thinks She’s A Dog That Will Have You Vowing Never To Eat Beef Again

By | 5 Comments

Milkshake, the cow who thinks she's a dog, is hands down the cutest cow we've ever seen.


Charging Bull Attacks Romanian Traffic Cop


A security camera captures a runaway bull charging a traffic cop in the middle of a busy Romanian town.


America’s Cows Have A Drug Problem


Have you eaten a junkie cow? You may have, because cows in America have a drug problem.

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The 18 Most Insane Russian Videos Of July 2013

By | 14 Comments

Russia consistently produces some of the most entertaining videos on the Internet. Here are the best for July.


The Running Of The Bulls Is Underway At The San Fermin Festival In Spain

By | 2 Comments

The first day of the San Fermin Festival began with the Running of the Bulls, and four people were treated for minor injuries while no gores were reported.


Here’s A Video Of A Russian Man Crashing His Car Into Two Cows Having Sex

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A Russian man's dash cam caught his recent accident, when he slammed into two cows that were crossing a street while also trying to have sex.


Exploding Cow Pie Fail


What happens when you light fireworks inside a pile of cow poop and stand too close.


Meet The ‘Artist’ Who Sculpted An 880-Lb. Cobra Statue From Cow Poop… For The Kids

By | 4 Comments

Growing up in Florida, I’ve never known the joy of building a snowman or especially spelling my name in the snow.


Meet The Cow That Jumps Hurdles In Belgium


An 11-year old Belgian girl taught a cow how to jump hurdles.


Truck Loaded With Cows Crashes, Cows All Walk Away Like It’s NBD

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I experienced a number of feelings/thoughts when watching this cow truck crash. All of them started with "OMG!"


Truck Full of Cows Spills Onto Russian Street


Good thing they were all wearing leather.


Cow Almighty


Steve Carell's hilarious "possessed" scene from Bruce Almighty, performed by a cow.


It’s Almost December, So Here’s The Ultimate Falling On Ice Compilation


Yesterday we brought you over three minutes of people hurting themselves during a workout, so here's a minute and a half of people hurting themselves trying to walk on ice.

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