A Florida Man Almost Burned Down An ICU Ward With The Most Florida Christmas Present Of Them All

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Smuggling crack to your friend in an ICU ward and then setting his bed on fire is certainly not the gift that keeps on giving.


FLORIDA FRIDAY: Man tries to pay water bill with three crack rocks

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Many things are frequently used as de facto currency in Florida - guns, snakes, shark tooth necklaces - but while Florida residents are for the most part well-versed in the rules of barter, using it to pay for all manner of meth, truck nuts, and ferret medicine, it seems the GUB-ment has certain "rules" about having to pay with "legal tender.


The Man Who Tried To Sell The Video Of Toronto Mayor Rob Ford Smoking Crack Has Been Arrested

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Mohamed Siad, one of the men who tried to sell a video of Toronto Mayor Rob Ford allegedly smoking crack, was arrested in a massive raid back in June.


Toronto Mayor Rob Ford May Have Been Filmed Smoking Crack Cocaine

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There is possibly a video out there of Toronto mayor Rob Ford smoking crack cocaine.

matt damon

Exclusive: Bourne Identity Sequel Ideas Revealed

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In the Hollywood game they just call them "quels".



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It is with swollen balls and hairy chaffed palms that I report this sad news: the entertainment agency CAA has just acquired the rights to Archie Comics Publications.


“Slangin’ Rocks” – Coolio Busted With Crack Cocaine

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Between the cancellation of his reality show, a 1 Cig-rated album and getting gaffled at his own show during a suicide attempt stage dive, Coolio is already having the best year ever © VH1.

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