A Florida Man Almost Burned Down An ICU Ward With The Most Florida Christmas Present Of Them All

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Smuggling crack to your friend in an ICU ward and then setting his bed on fire is certainly not the gift that keeps on giving.


Toronto Mayor Rob Ford Is Taking A Break Because Of This New Crack Video

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Rob Ford takes a break from campaigning and his duties as Toronto's mayor, just as a new crack tape hits the market.


Buffalo Soldier Rob Ford Has Proclaimed Today To Be Bob Marley Day In Toronto


Rob Ford doesn't just dance to Bob Marley, no sir, he makes it official.


Bad News, Broncos Fans: Rob Ford Is Wearing His Orlando Franklin Jersey

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Embattled crack-smoking Toronto mayor Rob Ford showed his allegiance to the Denver Broncos by wearing an Orlando Franklin jersey today.


Here’s The Rob Ford/’New Jack City’/Crack Remix You’ve All Been Waiting For


It's been a slow Rob Ford news day. So here's a remix to tide you over.


Your Brain On Crack Cocaine


Have you been wondering just what Toronto mayor Rob Ford has been putting his brain through.


‘The Daily Show’ Had A Field Day With Crack-Smoking, P*ssy-Eating Mayor Rob Ford’s Latest Antics

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Jon Stewart attempts to match the overwhelming amount of comedy dripping from the human tragedy known as Rob Ford.

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‘Parks And Recreation’s Jim O’Heir Did Not Jerry This Perfect Impression Of Crack-Smoking Mayor Rob Ford

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We don't have to worry about O'Heir being typecast as a fart attack-having loser with an enormous penis.


Lamar Odom Is Trying To Kick His Drug Addiction Without Actually Going To Rehab

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According to TMZ, Lamar Odom is trying to kick his drug addiction on his own so he can sign with an NBA team soon.


The Man Who Tried To Sell The Video Of Toronto Mayor Rob Ford Smoking Crack Has Been Arrested

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Mohamed Siad, one of the men who tried to sell a video of Toronto Mayor Rob Ford allegedly smoking crack, was arrested in a massive raid back in June.

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Justin Bieber Is Officially A ‘Crack’ Addict

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It's official: pop singer Justin Bieber is now a "crack" addict who loves butts, too.

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Z-Ro – “Top Notch” Video

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While the majority of you didn't bother to check for the album -- let alone the review, Z-Ro's not letting something petty like a buzz window get in the way of promoting his 2008 effort Crack.



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This Clint Eastwood PSA about "the glamour drug of the 80s" isn't new, but its message is timeless.

Z Ro

“The Mo City Don” – Review Of Z-Ro’s Crack

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Often one of the most overlooked in Houston's famed rapper gene rapper, Z-Ro isn't one to let popularity and politics stand in his way.

Z Ro

Let The Truth Be Told…

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Thanks to Gruems and his insightful Soundscan commentary, and NO ONE ELSE, I’ve been informed of a new Z-Ro album, titled Crack.

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