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GAME_JAM, An Indie Game Reality Show, Hilariously Crashed And Burned

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GAME_JAM was supposed to show the drama of game jams. Instead it showed what happens when you tick off indie game developers.


Review: Aaron Paul’s ‘Need For Speed’ Is Hilariously, Joyfully Dumb

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'Need For Speed' is dumb. But it's agreeably dumb, in that it just wants to wreck cars.

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The ‘Under The Dome’ Finale Can Be Summed Up In One GIF

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An enraged Laker sums up our feelings about the finale of 'Under The Dome' almost perfectly.

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I’ve Made a Huge Mistake


In the best jetpack-related disaster to happen on Fox since George Michael battled a giant mole and accidentally destroyed Sudden Hill, Fox 5 Reporter Matt Johnson tries to tape an intro with a cool aeronaut and almost gets dumped in the drink by the grinning moron and his wacky flying machine.




Danica Patrick made her NASCAR debut yesterday in Daytona, and things didn't go as well as she'd hoped.

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