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Let’s Watch A Fan Dry Hump Justin Bieber In Dubai, Then Get Destroyed By Security


During a concert in Dubai, a fan bumrushed Justin Bieber while he was performing, and got destroyed.


Here’s Why You Don’t Really Care That One Person Didn’t Vote For LeBron James


One of the strangers encounters that I’ve ever had with a sh*t-talking sports fan came after the Miami Heat defeated the Orlando Magic last season, and a gentleman in a Cleveland Cavaliers LeBron James jersey and Heat hat was shouting to the Amway Center crowd, “That’s how he do it.


One Auburn Fan Really Loved Those Toomer’s Corner Oak Trees… A Lot

Back in March, an Alabama Crimson Tide fan named Harvey Updyke Jr. was sentenced to at least six months in jail for admitting that he poisoned the famed trees at Auburn’s Toomer’s Corner, and I’m sure that Tigers fans everywhere were none too pleased about that light verdict.


Someone Sent The Cubs A Severed Goat Head, Because Sane People Do That


At 3-5, the Chicago Cubs aren’t exactly already eliminated from the NL Central race, but apparently one Cubs fan decided that this season was over before it ever really even started.


Florida Gulf Coast Apologized To The Florida Gators For Their Super Mean Chant

Part of the charm of the mostly unknown Florida Gulf Coast University Eagles becoming the first No.

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‘NBA Confessions’ Allows Fans To Anonymously Vent In Convenient Meme Form


If I had to rank professional sports fans in terms of craziness, I wouldn’t even think twice: 1) NBA fans 2) Everyone else While NFL fans are certainly insane in their own rights and passionate about their teams, NBA fans have multiple layers of crazy that can be peeled back to reveal a molten core of manic lunacy that is the universe’s greatest natural source of irrational behavior.

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Introducing NHL Lockout Text Message Anger Management Therapy


We’ve entered Day 46 of the NHL lockout and there still seems to be no end in sight.


Thunder Fans Are Over James Harden Already


Okay, Oklahoma City Thunder fans, step back from the lighter fluid.


China Still Loves You, Tracy McGrady

In a moment so full of passion for the NBA that I can only assume it was stolen from a David Stern wet dream, Tracy McGrady recently landed in China, where he will play for the Qingdao Eagles of the Chinese Basketball Association, as he is the next in the distinguished line of former NBA players to finish his career in the Far East.


Introducing The Woman Who Is The Biggest Dale Earnhardt Fan In The World


Last night, while trying to sort through political arguments among people I follow on Twitter so I could focus on what the social media site was actually intended for – porn stars lobbying for people to vote for their Fleshlight – I noticed a Tweet from Yahoo!’s Jay Busbee about a woman who informed him about the new ink of Dale Earnhardt that she just got, as you can see in the banner image.


Griffining Is Here, It's Not Going Away, Get Used To It


The Washington Redskins are currently 1-0 after a huge 40-32 Week 1 victory over the New Orleans Saints, and naturally the buzz of that win revolved around how great rookie quarterback Robert Griffin III played.


The New Orleans Saints And Their Fans Are Still Sticking It To Roger Goodell


In the least surprising news of the month and possibly year, suspended New Orleans Saints linebacker Jonathan Vilma is still super pissed off at NFL commissioner Roger Goodell for making him the poster boy of what was lazily dubbed “Bountygate”.


Morning Links: This Guy Slept With Shaq And Really Wants You To Know About It

Here's the explanation for why a guy would get "I SLEPT WITH SHAQ" tattooed across his face, in case you don't know about "gonzo journalism".


Soccer Fan Sets Fire To Ukraine


Euro 2012's got all the hottest dance moves.


Because It's Friday, Here's A Guy Eating A Cheeseburger With The Wrapper On

"Shoenice" (he's the one in the video wearing a shirt with SHOENICE across the front) is a comedian from upstate New York and a Yankees fan who has amassed a decent amount of side-eyed Internet fame for eating random sh*t -- bottles of Elmer's Glue, tampons, an entire box of crayons, etc.


Charles Barkley Has Valid Opinions About Reproduction

The depressed "come on, man" really makes it.


If You Tattoo Them Across Your Entire Back, They Will Come


Mike McWain of Pasco, Washington, has what the Tri-City Herald refers to as "a field of dreams tattooed across his back, shoulders and arms", and whether or not you think it's a little light on the Moonlight Graham and a little heavy on the "God literally holding dead baseball players", you'll be happy to know he spent 11 years and $10,000 on the project.

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