Miami’s Got Friends On The Other Side

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Here's something sure to make pro basketball more accessible to the Internet's below-average whites; Miami Heat fans have been buying up voodoo dolls by the hundreds in an attempt to curse the Dallas Mavericks.


30 Pieces Of Sports Merchandise From The Glorious Etsy Collection

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A few months back, I scoured the depths of Deviant Art and a few other sites to dig up some of the <a href="">most beautiful athlete fan art</a> that we've ever seen, but a few days ago I realized that I left out another great resource - Etsy.


NHL Puck-Up: Green Men Get The Boot?


The two Vancouver Canucks fans lovingly known as the Green Men claim that they received a warning from Canucks officials before Saturday’s game to curb their behavior that they’ve become somewhat famous for.


This Kid Is Huge In Jersey

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Videos of overweight people showing irrational happiness are always fun to pass around, and that's exactly why I've never made a sex tape.


Seventh-Grade Steelers Fan Sent Home From School

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13-year-old Grendon Bailie (not pictured) was dismissed earlier today from Tacoma's Truman Middle School after he decided to wear a Pittsburgh Steelers jersey on what the school designated a Seattle Seahawks spirit day.


Man Gets Hammered During Pats Game

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While not nearly as gruesome as, say, <a href="">a family killing the patriarch over his love for World Cup soccer</a>, a woman was arrested after she assaulted her boyfriend with a hammer because he was watching the New England Patriots and Pittsburgh Steelers on Sunday Night Football.


New York Giants Fans Fight In Stands [VIDEO]

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The power went out during the Cowboys-Giants game yesterday, and since it was a 4 o'clock game in November and it's pitch-black outside by 5:00, that was a problem.


Jacksonville Woman Has Jaguars Players’ Autographs Tattooed Into Her Arm

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Kim Nored is a 29-year-old college student living in South Florida.


More LeBron Spoofage: This Time From Cleveland

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Apologies for the light day today; we're working off of a laptop with no taskbar and a 10-year-old desktop with no soundcard, so we really have no idea what's going on in the world today, aside from the fact that my laptop is probably infected with a virus.


It’s Your Time To Shine, San Fran

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The San Francisco Giants have ended 56 years of tortured hippie fan tears, as they overcame the tyranny of the Texas Rangers and won the first World Series in the West Coast history of the franchise.


NCAA Football > Pacemaker Surgery

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A Detroit man has postponed his pacemaker surgery, originally scheduled for today, until next week because he wants to be able to watch the Michigan/Michigan State game this weekend.


Wow, You Showed Him, David Beckham

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David Beckham is one of those celebrities that will probably have a target on his back for the rest of his life.


Heat Fan Has Biggest Balls On Earth

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Update: Just added a new video with even more yelling and adult behavior.


Orioles Fan > Orioles Game

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Party Otter can get you to do anything with enough Irish Car Bombs and peer pressure.


Chicago Soccer Fan Tackled, But Not Tased

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We have another incident involving a fan running onto the field of play.


NBA Ref, Magic Fan Play Game of Catch

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There were plenty of highlights to witness in last night’s Eastern Conference Finals Game 2 matchup between the Boston Celtics and the Orlando Magic.


Phillies Should Sell Seats On The Field

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Another Philadelphia Phillies fan wandered onto the field last night.


Phillies Fan Runs Onto Field, Gets Tased

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I'm really loathe to call anyone on this planet an idiot--especially one that happens to make my morning a little bit easier, but I have to question the motivation of this guy, who seemed to think that he could just run around onto the field and wave his little towel for the entire night.

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