ryan adams

Did You Know Ryan Adams’ ‘New York, New York’ Music Video Caused 9/11?

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Very convincing (except not at all) proof that Ryan Adams is to blame for 9/11, or something.

local news

Watch This Reporter Flawlessly Deflect A Videobomber During A Live News Report

By | 12 Comments

This reporter makes quick work of a crazy guy about to interrupt a live news report on measles.


Charles Manson Is Finally Getting Married To His 26-Year Old Girlfriend

By | 17 Comments

Charles Manson's devoted fan and self-proclaimed girlfriend says that she's marrying the 80-year old prisoner soon.

crazy people

This Insane, Possibly Intoxicated Woman Went On A Racist Tirade After A Near Accident

By | 30 Comments

Sometimes a simple middle finger at another driver does more than suffice.


Watch This Grown Up Man Go Off On An Epic Rant After Finding Mouse Poop In His Lunchable

By | 2 Comments

We don't really know what to say about this one ... People are crazy, y'all.


The Saddest Dude Ever Made His Shower Head Look Like A Beautiful Girl

By | 12 Comments

Please do not turn your shower heads into people. Thank you.


A Woman Is Reportedly Seeking A Divorce Because Her Husband Didn’t Like ‘Frozen’

By | 36 Comments

Today in 'Fun but Possibly Fake News,' a Japanese woman left her husband after he told her that he just didn't like 'Frozen.'


Charles Bronson Smothered Himself In Butter And Attacked 12 Guards Because Arsenal Won The FA Cup

By | 12 Comments

Tottenham fan and Britain's most notorious prisoner Charles Bronson fought 12 guards because he couldn't stand that Arsenal beat Hull City.


Hot Dog Enthusiasts Demand Satisfaction In the Form Of A Hot Dog Emoji

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The general manager of the Superdawg Drive-In in Wheeling, IL, is leading the charge to get a hot dog icon added into the Emoji lexicon.


Did A Teen Girl Break Her Dog’s Neck Because One Direction Wouldn’t Follow Her On Twitter?

By | 20 Comments

One Direction fans are the most mentally unstable people in the world. Here's proof.


The Crazy Lady Caught Stealing Rhubarb Is A Real-Life Roz From ‘Monsters Inc.’

By | 5 Comments

An absolutely bonkers lady, who sounds like Roz from "Monsters Inc.," tries to steal some rhubarb, and gets away with it.


Crazy Rhubarb Lady


This woman caught stealing rhubarb from a neighbor's property doesn't seem too apologetic.

the subway

Watch This Naked Acrobat Terrify Passersby In The San Francisco Subway

By | 8 Comments

An acrobat was arrested in a San Francisco BART station after he attacked and scared people while completely naked and performing random tricks.

san francisco

Anti-Semitic Elmo Is Back With Some Wild New Claims About The Girl Scouts

By | 4 Comments

Things have been bad enough for the real Elmo character lately, so it certainly doesn’t help that some phony, anti-semitic Elmo is out there spouting hateful things at children in New York City.


The John McAfee Saga Just Gets Nuttier And Nuttier

By | 3 Comments

With each passing day John McAfee seems to be less real person and more like a character straight out of a Robert Ludlum or John Grisham novel.

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