Stadium-Wide Brazilian Soccer Brawls, Now With Helicopters


A Brazilian soccer brawl got so bad that police fired tear gas and rubber bullets, and a helicopter had to be flown in to airlift someone away.


Totally Normal Soccer News: An Ecuadorian Player Tried To Bite Off His Opponent’s Nose


I always secretly hoped that Ecuadorian Serie A soccer would be more like Batman Returns.


Video: Club America And Chivas Fans Brawled On The Field In Las Vegas

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Nothing says, “Hey everyone, let’s celebrate America’s independence.


And Now, 22 One-Legged Men In An Ass-Kicking Contest

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<a href="" rel="attachment wp-att-114905"></a>I'd like to preface this clip of one-legged soccer players getting into a bench-clearing brawl by saying holy shit, there is no way this is real.


New Anti-Diving Strategy: If They Dive, Kick The Crap Out Of Them

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To the untrained eye, soccer is a sport where people with no fight training or impulse control hang out and kick a ball around until one of them overreact and everybody starts brawling.


Soccer Kicks: You’re Doing It Wrong

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An acrobatic soccer kick can be one of the most intensely athletic and beautiful things in the world of sports.


Bulgarian Role Models

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It's important and interesting that two ridiculously oil-rich countries (Russia and Qatar) get awarded the World Cup and then it emerges that the FIFA judges who dole out such cherries are corrupt as f**k.


‘Massive Soccer Brawl’ About What You’d Expect

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A huge fight broke out during the Mexican League's Monarcas Morelia/Cruz Azul semifinals match when a fan ran onto the field to shake the hand of his favorite player, Gerardo Torrado.


Run For Your Life, Soccer Ref

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I always love to say that I hate soccer and my defense is mostly that I can’t respect a sport in which athletes don’t use their hands, but in reality I’m just joking.

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