Comedian Experiences ‘The Worst Pain Known To Man’ After Getting Voluntarily Bitten By Bullet Ants

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This Australian comedian thought it would be funny to get bitten by ants which cause the worst pain known to mankind. Hilarious, all right!


Kelly McGarry Used A GoPro At The Red Bull Rampage And The Video Is Incredible

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Rider Kelly McGarry used a GoPro during his silver medal run at the 2013 Red Bull Rampage and the result was amazing.


Fear The Korean Taekwondo Diplomacy Foundation: They Will Flip And Kick Out Your Heart

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Just typing it is oddly terrifying: "Korean Taekwondo Diplomacy Foundation.


The High School Basketball Fire Dunk, Another Great Idea From Florida

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When I was in high school, our basketball games and assemblies began with our principal delivering a dry speech about school spirit and sportsmanship, followed by our sub-par cheerleaders making vague "woo" gestures while a bunch of gangly jerks tried to dribble from the entrance to center-court without losing it or hurting themselves.


This Week In India Is F*cking Crazy: Check Out The ‘Well Of Death’

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When I was in college, I bought a 1987 Ford Bronco that was possibly the biggest death trap that I’ve ever driven.


Fat Kids Be Damned: The World’s Largest Dodgeball Game And The Best Of Devin Graham

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One week ago today, director Devin Graham and his friends set out with one goal - they wanted to host the largest dodgeball game in the history of the world.

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