‘Vacation’ Reboot Stalled Over Disagreement about Rating

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The Vacation "reboot" (which actually sounds more like a sequel, but that's another story), has stalled over "creative differences," according to <a href="" target="_blank">THR</a>.

creative differences

Gavin O’Connor replaces Lynne Ramsay on Jane Got a Gun

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With director Lynne Ramsay <a href="" target="_blank">yesterday pulling a no show</a> on<a href="" target="_blank"> Jane Got a Gun</a>, her follow up to We Need to Talk About Kevin starring Jude Law, Joel Edgerton, and Natalie Portman, producers today hired Warrior director Gavin O'Connor to replace her.

creative differences

So, How Did Squeenix Screw Over GRIN?


You probably didn't play "Bionic Commando", one of Capcom's biggest bombs for no explicable reason, but it was actually really fun, and also one of the few "Gears of War" knockoffs that was actually fun to play.

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