Finally, A Beer Designed To Make You Better At Your Job


Finally, a beer designed to be consumed while working.


Kanye West’s Twitter Is No Longer Silent


For months Kanye West's Twitter account stayed silent, with not so much as a retweet springing forth from it.


Report: Creativity and eccentricity go hand in hand

The Scientific American digs into why creative people are often sort of, well, weird: Albert Einstein picked up cigarette butts off the street to get tobacco for his pipe; Howard Hughes spent entire days on a chair in the middle of the supposedly germ-free zone of his Beverly Hills Hotel suite; the composer Robert Schumann believed that his musical compositions were dictated to him by Beethoven and other deceased luminaries from their tombs; and Charles Dickens is said to have fended off imaginary urchins with his umbrella as he walked the streets of London.

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