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Creed’s Scott Stapp Weighs In On Trayvon Martin, Fears We’re Being Distracted From Obama’s Socialism

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Want to learn about Trayvon Martin? Consult the lead singer of Creed, Scott Stapp, obviously.


Michael B. Jordan to play Apollo Creed’s Grandson in ‘Creed.’ Wait, what?

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Fruitvale Station (<a href="" target="_blank">trailer here</a>), from director Ryan Coogler, stars Michael B.


Obama Loses The Crucial Creed Endorsement

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I'm no political pundit, but my gut tells me this is will make for an incredible momentum shift in the presidential election.


15 Bands That Really Shouldn’t Have Been On The Cover Of A Magazine

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The hoopla over that Boise Weekly preview of a <a href="">Nickelback concert</a> – and the <a href="">hate and love</a> that followed its printing and Internet success – got me thinking about another dumb band with a dumb name that has become a musical punchline due to their unwarranted success.


The Marlins At Least Have Some Taste


As the Florida Miami Marlins prepare to open their new stadium and begin their new season in their new uniforms with their new shortstop who will hopefully hit a bunch of home runs to light up their <a href="">new home run fish statue/shrine</a>, it was only fitting that the team would add some new flair and style to the stadium as well.


The 20 Best Cold Opens from 'The Office'

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The thing about "The Office" is that, even as the overall quality of the show continues to decline, the Cold Opens are consistently great.

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