This Rendition Of Ed Sheeran’s ‘Thinking Out Loud’ Is Utterly Horrifying


What do you get when you combine gingers, mouths, and beat-boxing? This nightmarish viral video, that's what.


Russian Dashcam Captures Mickey Mouse And SpongeBob Imposters In A Creepy Road Rage Brawl

By | 5 Comments

You'll think twice about cutting off that old station wagon after watching this.


Google Wants To Start Selling You Surveillance Cameras

By | 10 Comments

Google wants to sell you a cloud-based surveillance camera. This can't go horribly wrong at all!


The New Lemonheads Candy Mascot Is Going To Give Your Children Nightmares

By | 18 Comments

The Ferrara Candy Co. gave the Lemonhead mascot a makeover and the result is a grown up man with an actual lemon for his head.

public transportation

Insane Possessed Woman Growls, Then Attacks Confused Man On A Public Train

By | 23 Comments

This video shows a woman on a train go full on 'Exorcist', growling before attacking the man seated next to her.

professor abuse

Lawsuit Alleges College Professor Harrassed A Bondage Model Into The Hospital

By | 2 Comments

Hey, so we found the creepiest story about professors abusing their students this side of the Milgram experiment.


Apple’s Wants To Track Your Very Breath With Its Healthbook App

By | 2 Comments

Apple's upcoming health app, Healthbook, wants to track everything about your health. And we mean everything. Apple wants blood.


Insane Cult In Michigan Involves Massages, Doomsday, ‘Lord Of The Rings,’ And Jesus Of Course

By | 10 Comments

A new Massage/Chiropractor cult in Michigan lures women in and brainwashes them. It was all the cult things we know and a few that we haven't thought of.


Twin Sisters Get Surgery To Look Even More Alike And It Gets Truly Insane From There

By | 35 Comments

Twin Australian sisters get surgeries to look even more alike, and they share everything. EVERYTHING!

#Viral Videos

‘Full House’ Without Michelle Paints A Terrifying Glimpse Into The Mind Of A Deranged Psychopath

By | 10 Comments

Anyone who's ever watched 'Full House' knows that something just ain't right about Danny Tanner.


Pierre The Pelican Finally Underwent His ‘Surgery’ And He’s Now Adorably Creepy

By | 14 Comments

The New Orleans Pelicans have Pierre the Pelican a far-less-creepy new face after the mascot suffered a "beak injury" in a game.


Richard Simmons Has Officially Cranked The Crazy Up To 11

By | 4 Comments

Richard Simmons posted a picture of himself dressed as Mia Farrow in 'Rosemary's Baby' today on his Facebook and it's terrifying.


Facebook’s Data Collectors Know Far More About You Than You Think


Data brokers are far deeper into your life than you thought, according to a new government report.


Google Maps Is Going To Get Really, Really Creepy Very Soon

By | 8 Comments

Ready for Google Maps to try and control everything you do? Too bad, it's happening anyway.


An Italian Guy Built A Creepy, Dangerous Looking, Kind Of Amazing Amusement Park Entirely By Hand

By | 8 Comments

Ah, Italy, where if you grease the right palm nobody bothers you about your crazy, handmade amusement park...


The 6 Creepiest Places On Earth


There are many creepy places in the world… here are six of the creepiest.


This Anti-Obamacare Commercial Is The Creepiest Thing You’ll See This Week

By | 11 Comments

The latest Generation Opportunity commercial for opposition to Obamacare features a really creepy Uncle Sam as a gynecologist.

robot serial killers

Yearning For A Movie Featuring A Robot Serial Killer? Well, Here’s ‘Abe’.

By | 11 Comments

'Abe', the title robot, just wants you to love him. And he'll experiment with brain surgery to make that happen.

what the hell?!

A Belgian PSA On Identity Theft Actually Stole Somebody’s Identity To Prove A Point

By | 8 Comments

Don't give out your financial information, or the world's creepiest Belgian is going to find you. No, seriously, this guy is frightening.

the special part is questionable

‘Dead Island: Riptide’ Still Comes With Dismembered Torso

By | 4 Comments

The publisher of 'Dead Island: Riptide' apologized for including a bloody big-boobed torso in its special edition. Then they shipped it anyway, apparently.

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