Bobby Shmurda Calls To Check In With Hot 97 From Jail

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Bobby Shmurda calls New York's Hot 97 radio station.

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Suge Knight Went To The Hospital Again Instead Of Court

By | 4 Comments

Suge suffers another medical emergency before a scheduled court date.

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Video From Suge Knight’s Assault Allegedly Shows Attackers Had Guns

By | 5 Comments

Suge Knight may have been held at gunpoint before allegedly running two men over


Bobby Shmurda’s Attorney Doesn’t Want Public Perception To Taint The Rapper’s Case

By | 14 Comments

Bobby Shmurda's attorney appears in an interview speaking in his client's defense.


Bobby Shmurda Says The Judge And DA Are Just ‘Haters’ Who Want To Stop His Blessings

By | 10 Comments

Bobby Shmurda speaks to Billboard for his first interview since being locked up.

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Here’s The 911 Call From Suge Knight’s Fatal Hit-And-Run

By | 7 Comments

Officials release 911 call in Suge Knight hit-and-run.

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Bobby Shmurda’s Jail Coming Home Party Has Been Delayed Indefinitely

By | 6 Comments

Brooklyn rapper Bobby Shmurda remains in jail after his request for bail was withdrawn.

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Suge Knight Suffers A ‘Medical Emergency’ In Court After Pleading Not Guilty To Murder

By | 21 Comments

Suge Knight suffers a medical scare after pleading not guilty to murder charge in court.


Bay Area Legend The Jacka Shot And Killed In Oakland

By | 22 Comments

Bay legend The Jacka was shot and killed in Oakland on Monday night.

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Suge Knight Charged With Murder And Attempted Murder

By | 15 Comments

Suge Knight faces a $2 million bail after being arrested on suspicion of murder charges in Los Angeles.

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Suge Knight Remains In Jail After His $2 Million Bail Was Revoked

By | 7 Comments

Suge Knight's $2 million bail revoked after he's deemed a flight risk and more.

Suge Knight

Conflicting Reports Cloud What Really Happened With Suge Knight’s Hit-And-Run Murder Incident

By | 6 Comments

Conflicting stories emerge regarding what happened during Suge Knight's hit-and-run accident.

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Bobby Shmurda’s Almost A Free Man

By | 10 Comments

Bobby Shmurda posts his $2 million bond.


Tiny Doo Tells CNN Prosecutors In His Song Lyrics Case Are ‘Trying To Eradicate Black Men’

By | 16 Comments

Rapper Tiny Doo appears on CNN to talk about his court case over song lyrics.

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Houston’s Doughbeezy Shoots And Kills Would-Be Robber

By | 20 Comments

Houston rapper Doughbeezy shoots and kills attacker in attempted robbery.

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