The Police Blotter

Suge Knight Arrested On Murder Charge In Fatal Hit-And-Run

By | 11 Comments

Suge Knight faces a $2 million bail after being arrested on suspicion of murder charges in Los Angeles.


Tiny Doo Tells CNN Prosecutors In His Song Lyrics Case Are ‘Trying To Eradicate Black Men’

By | 16 Comments

Rapper Tiny Doo appears on CNN to talk about his court case over song lyrics.

The Police Blotter

Houston’s Doughbeezy Shoots And Kills Would-Be Robber

By | 20 Comments

Houston rapper Doughbeezy shoots and kills attacker in attempted robbery.


Philly Rapper Cool C Granted Second Stay Of Execution

By | 5 Comments

Rapper Cool C granted his second stay of execution.

Politics As Usual

Wearing Your Hoodie In Public Could Soon Be A Crime. No, Seriously.

By | 23 Comments

Oklahoma legislator plans to propose a bill outlawing hooded sweatshirts.


Behold The Hypocrisy Of Rap Fans: The Curious Case Of Bobby Shmurda

By | 65 Comments

Should fans be held accountable for wanting rappers to keep it too real?


A Massachusetts Town Is Going To Punish Lazy Residents With A Scarlet Letter

By | 10 Comments

If you live in Somerville, prepare to be shamed a la Nathaniel Hawthorne and the Puritans for not clearing your sidewalks of snow by 10 a.m.

Bobby Shmurda

Bobby Shmurda Held On $2 Million Bail For Gun And Drug Charges

By | 85 Comments

Bobby Shmurda held on $2 million bail at a hearing in state Supreme Court in Manhattan.


Be Sure To Add Gucci Mane To Your Christmas Card Mailing List

By | 5 Comments

Wish Gucci Mane a Merry Christmas while he's locked up in prison.

tiny doo

Here’s Why Every Songwriter Is Guilty Until Proven Innocent

By | 20 Comments

The courts have song lyrics in their sights, leaving all artists as open targets.


Yo Dawg, Xzibit Got Arrested On His Wedding Night

By | 20 Comments

Rapper Xzibit reportedly arrested for DUI shortly after his wedding ceremony.


Meek Mill’s Finally A Free Man

By | 10 Comments

After spending five months locked up, Meek Mill gets released from jail.


Darren Wilson Might Be Ready To Speak On The Mike Brown Shooting

By | 18 Comments

Reports indicate Officer Darren Wilson has been meeting with different news outlets to decide which will air his first interview.

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