Suge Knight Beat Up The Weed Man Because He Supposedly Couldn’t Buy Weed

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Weed smokers are supposed to be chill, non-violent people, remember?


At This Point, We Don’t Know When The Hell Lil Boosie Is Coming Home…Yet

By | 10 Comments

Please halt all coming home party planning until further notice.


Florida Man Gets 13 Years In Prison For Tricking Girlfriend Into Taking Abortion Pills

By | 25 Comments

Let's all promise ourselves right now to never visit Florida. Cool?

The Police Blotter

Lil Boosie’s Family: He’s Being Released From Prison In February 2014

By | 20 Comments

Bad Azz could be home earlier than expected. Like even earlier than the August 2014 date that was previously reported.

xbox one

Someone Got Killed For Their PlayStation 4

By | 8 Comments

22-year-old San Francisco man shot over gaming console.

Young Buck

Young Buck Talks Getting Out Of Prison, Collaborating With Old G-Unit

By | 4 Comments

As a free man, former G-Unit standout is finally back on his Buck shit.


Former Bears Wide Receiver Sam Hurd Sentenced To 15 Years For Drug Trafficking

By | 15 Comments

From playing football to serving football numbers in the feds, such is the life of Sam Hurd.


Hate Being Sober: Judge Sentences Chief Keef To 90 Days In Rehab

By | 14 Comments

Please update your records as Keef keeps gaining on DMX as rap's leader in legal issues for 2013.


Where The Hell Is Guerilla Black? In Prison For Nine Years

By | 13 Comments

Who's been wondering "what happened to Guerilla Black?" Hell, who remembers Guerilla Black?


Stay The Hell Away From These Places On The “Most Dangerous States” List

By | 28 Comments

24/7 Wall St. decided to figure out which states are the ones most likely to find people getting their shit pushed back and the winner is *drumroll* Tennessee.

Young Buck

Young Buck Released From Prison On Today, October 1, 2013

By | 10 Comments

Former G-Unit enforcer Young Buck is once again a free man.

The Police Blotter

#PrayForGuwop: Gucci Mane Goes To Jail For Probation Violation

By | 15 Comments

To the surprise of no one save the dude who's running Big Guwop's Instagram account these days, Gucci Mane has been sentenced to 183 days in jail.

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