Florida Home Invasion Is Best Episode Of ‘Revenge’ Ever


What started out as a Florida home invasion is so much weirder and so much better than anyone could have ever hoped.

Crime Spree

One Bad Acid Trip Led To A Man Going On A Week-Long Crime Spree That Ended At A McDonald’s Drive-Thru

By | 6 Comments

Roy, Washington recently experienced a crime spree where a man on acid broke into homes, requesting sandwiches and rides to McDonald's.


Introduce Yourself To The California Man Who Fed His Ex-Girlfriend Her Own Dog

By | 21 Comments

A man in California is under arrest for attacking his ex-girlfriend and allegedly feeding her her own dog.


Forensic Scientists Can Use The Kinect To Solve Crimes


The Kinect may not be watching your every move... but forensic scientists can use it to solve a major problem in crime scene reconstruction.


Why SketchFactor And Similar Apps Are Pointless

By | 6 Comments

A new app purports to help you find the wrong side of the tracks and avoid it. But the realities of crime make it useless.


Arizona’s Execution Of Convicted Murderer Finally Succeeds After Two Hours Of ‘Gasping And Snorting’

By | 41 Comments

Joseph Rudolph Wood III was executed in Arizona on Wednesday. The process did not go according to plan.


Oregon State Police Just Apprehended The Internet’s Newest Celebrity

By | 12 Comments

Move over, Sexy Mugshot Guy, because this wanted murderer may have just won our hearts.


This Reporter Was Robbed Outside Of A Police Station While Doing A Live Story On Robberies

By | 17 Comments

This Oakland news reporter had her purse snatched in the middle of doing a live news story about crime.


David Schwimmer, Crimefighter, Helps NYC Police Solve Prostitute Stabbing Case

By | 13 Comments

David Schwimmer helped NYC authorities solve a crime over the holiday weekend involving a prostitute and knife fight. All in a day's work!


Cool Off With The Story Of The Ice Cream Man Busted For Selling Meth Out Of His Ice Cream Truck

By | 4 Comments

This man decided to sell a bit more than ice cream to his local neighborhood.


A Group Of Ninjas Wearing Fedoras Are Robbing The Wealthy In Southwestern Florida

By | 4 Comments

Authorities are on the lookout for a group of mysterious ninjas wearing fedoras after a string of robberies in Florida.

Horse News

Meet The Woman Who Was Arrested For Bestiality After Trolling Craigslist For A Horse

By | 18 Comments

This is the oddest crime story featuring a horse you will read this week. No doubt.


A Local Pennsylvania KKK Chapter Has Helpfully Started A Neighborhood Watch

By | 10 Comments

Residents of Fairview Township in central Pennsylvania woke up Friday morning to helpful KKK flyers in response to a string of break-ins.


Watch This Insane Video Of A Woman Being Mugged While Giving A Live Interview About Lack Of Police


A Rio de Janeiro news crew was interviewing this woman about the high rate of crime when some mugger attempted to rip a gold chain off of her neck.

wal mart

A North Carolina Man Allegedly Posed As A Wal-Mart Shoe Salesman To Suck Toes

By | 9 Comments

This North Carolina man decided that Wal-Mart was the place to go to in order to suck random toes.


Watch This Insane Video Of A Delaware Man High On PCP Climb On Top Of An SUV And Strip Naked

By | 6 Comments

A woman was stopped at a red light when a man high on PCP climbed onto the roof of her vehicle and stripped bare ass naked. All in a day's work, Delaware.


Florida Man Discovers Skeletal Human Remains While Picking Up Trash On The Side Of The Road

By | 8 Comments

The most Florida man ever discovered a garbage bag full of skeletal human remains along a wooded road where trees had recently been trimmed.


Bad News: Some Ladies Stole Hulk Hogan's Shoe. Worse News: It Was Going To Be Auctioned For Charity.

By | 11 Comments

A woman stole an autographed Hulk Hogan shoe from the wrestler's restaurant in Florida, and that shoe was supposed to be auctioned for charity.


This Afternoon’s Distraction Is Brought To You By A Man Arrested Wearing A Cookie Monster Onesie

By | 3 Comments

All you need to know about this story is that a man was arrested wearing a Cookie Monster Onesie.


TMZ Claims It Has Video Of Ray Rice Dragging His Unconscious Fiancee After Alleged Attack


TMZ has released footage of what they claim is Ray Rice dragging his unconscious fiancee out of an elevator in an Atlantic City casino last weekend after he allegedly knocked her out.

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