This Former Revenge Porn Website Owner Is Now Asking Google To Remove His Photos And Personal Information

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In a spectacular display of hypocrisy, the founder of revenge porn site IsAnybodyDown.com is asking Google to remove links to news stories about himself.

Angry Outbursts

Meet The Man Who Reportedly Trashed A Salon Because He Was Upset With His $50 Haircut

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This man was just seeking a simple trim, but it ended costing him $50 dollars and his freedom.

#Viral Videos

A Man Who Claimed Police Assaulted Him Was Caught On Tape Punching Himself In The Face

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A California man being held in jail for other charges decided to punch himself in the face and blame police. It did not go well.

Serial Podcast

Adnan Syed From ‘Serial’ Has Been Granted An Appeal

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Adnan Syed, the subject of the popular podcast 'Serial," has been granted an appeal after claiming his first attorney was "ineffective."

Poop Gangsta

Police In Ohio Have Arrested A Man Known As ‘Poop Gangsta’ For Allegedly Shooting A Man Christmas Eve

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The details behind the crime are forgotten as soon as you discover police have arrested a man named 'Poop Gangsta.'


Meet The Former MIT Professor That Allegedly Robbed A Manhattan Bank For ‘Art’

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A former MIT professor and "visual artist," has been charged with robbery after allegedly stealing $1,000 from a New York bank "for art."


Grown Man Allegedly Murdered Hedge Fund-Manager Father Over $200 Allowance Cut

By | 25 Comments

A grown man had his monthly allowance reduced from $3,000/month to $2,800/month. So he killed his father.


The Michael Brown Fight Video Is The First Truly Awful Hoax Of 2015

By | 20 Comments

A viral video making the rounds on Facebook claiming to show Michael Brown beating up a homeless man has been proven a hoax.


Meet The Woman Who Stripped Naked And Got Stuck In Her Estranged Boyfriend’s Chimney

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Being naked and stuck in a chimney is a good way to realize you've done something wrong in your life.


1981, The Year Of NYC Crime That Inspired ‘A Most Violent Year’

By | 19 Comments

The setting of 'A Most Violent Year' wasn't the tourist-friendly Gotham that New York City is today.


Meet The Teen That Allegedly Killed His Father With A Crossbow To Avoid An Argument Over Skipping School

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Seth Ramsey believed he had been caught cutting classes. In order to avoid punishment, he allegedly shot and killed his dad with a crossbow.

Sick Crime

Meet The Man Who Police Say Videotaped Himself Having Sex With His Stepdaughter’s Corpse After Murdering Her

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A father allegedly killed his stepdaughter and slept with the corpse in perhaps the most disgusting story of the year.


Introduce Yourself To The Husband Who Allegedly Assaulted His Pregnant Wife With A McChicken Sandwich

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This man wasn't happy with the meal his wife chose for him, so he allegedly attacked her with it. Right in the face.

#True Detective

Gruesome California Crime Stories That May Play A Part In ‘True Detective’ Season 2

By | 27 Comments

Want to know of some of the Cali wackjobs that may provide fodder for 'True Detective" Season 2?


The Man Behind The Shootings At Florida State Believed The Government Was Out To Get Him

By | 13 Comments

Myron May, the man who gunned down three people at FSU's library thought the government was targeting him and may have sent packages to friends before his death.

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