Film Critics Are Some Of The Worst Moviegoers In The World

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How is that people who get paid to watch movies can be so bad at it?


Here’s What The Critics Are Saying About Fox’s New Hip-Hop Drama ‘Empire’

By | 30 Comments

One of FOX's most anticipated new series' kicks off tonight and the critics have weighed in on if it's worth your time.

the colbert report

What Did Television Critics Think Of The First Episode Of ‘The Colbert Report’?

By | 7 Comments

With 'The Colbert Report' ending this week, let's look back at the debut episode and see how the show became the source of truthiness.


What The Critics Are Saying About Netflix’s ‘Marco Polo’

By | 48 Comments

The Netflix epic 10-part series was released on Friday.


A Film Critic Offers A Spirited Defense Of ‘Alien 3′

By | 25 Comments

Most people think 'Alien 3' is terrible. Scout Tafoya would like to differ.


Music Critic Writes That He’d Rather Have Ebola Than Watch Florida-Georgia Line Perform ‘Bro-Country’ Songs

By | 18 Comments

A music critic obliterated Bro Country's biggest stars by writing that having Ebola would be better than seeing Florida-Georgia Line again.


‘Interstellar’ Backlash Now Set To Hit 9 Days Before The Public Can See It, Experts Say

By | 50 Comments

The 12 people who've seen Christopher Nolan's 'Interstellar' are bitterly debating it.


The Michael Bay Review Graph Seems To Show A Distinct Trend

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This graph of Michael Bay's reviews over time seems to suggest that he's not just making crappy movies, but progressively crappier movies.


‘Transformers: Age of Extinction’ Might Be Michael Bay’s Worst Movie Yet

By | 49 Comments

Could 'Transformers: Age of Extinction' be Michael Bay's worst movie? That would really be saying something.


‘Does The Dog Die?’ Rates Movies Based On One Important Consideration

By | 32 Comments

DoesTheDogDie.com is a new website that ranks movies based on important dog-death criteria.


For His 72nd Birthday, A Look Back At Roger Ebert’s Best Bad Movie Reviews

By | 66 Comments

Roger Ebert may be gone, but his reviews of terrible movies will remain with us for the rest of time.

R. Kyle Smith

A Feast Of Tortured Food Metaphors In Reviews Of ‘Chef’

By | 16 Comments

The release of 'Chef' proved irresistible to punning linguists all over the review-tubes.


Paramedics Called To ‘Raid 2′ Premiere: ‘The Most Violent Mainstream Film Since Passion Of The Christ’

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Paramedics were called after a guy fainted during the premiere of The Raid 2, which early reviews call "the most violent mainstream film since Passion of the Christ."


Armond White Has Been Kicked Out Of The New York Film Critics Circle

By | 42 Comments

Three-time NYFCC Chairman was expelled from the NYFCC in an emergency vote this morning.


A Response To The Journalist Who Asked Lena Dunham Why She’s Naked So Much On ‘Girls’

By | 187 Comments

My response to the journalist who asked Lena Dunham why she's naked so much in Girls and then couldn't figure out why Judd Apatow got mad.


The Danish Film Critics Put on Their Oh Faces For This Nymphomaniac Parody

By | 26 Comments

A group of Danish film critics put on their oh faces for a parody of Nymphomaniac's orgasm posters. It wasn't as disgusting as you'd expect from film critics.

#james franco

I Guess Someone Considered James Franco’s Sh*t

By | 16 Comments

You may remember that a week ago today, A24 released a For Your Consideration video for James Franco, urging awards voters to consider Franco's landmark "LOOK.

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