Can Someone Explain This Man’s Obnoxious Crossfit Workout?

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I'm told this is a video of somebody doing Crossfit. REMINDER: Don't do Crossfit.

#Viral Videos

Watch This Kid Almost Kill Himself In A Weightlifting-Gone-Wrong Training Session

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This goes without saying but if you don't know how to lift weights, don't do it.


This Woman’s Insane CrossFit Routine Is Unlike Anything We’ve Seen Before

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We make fun of CrossFit a lot here because well, they deserve it. But this woman's routine is pretty damn incredible.


Here’s Video Of The CrossFit Games With Commentary From A Man Who Hates CrossFit

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Some guy added his own commentary to the CrossFit Games. He deserves some kind of award for it.


The Ultimate Crossfit Fails Compilation Wants You To GO GO GO PUSH IT PUSH IT

By | 29 Comments

Here's the Ultimate Crossfit Fails Compilation, four minutes of fitnesses badasses hurting themselves, destroying equipment and PUSHING IT.


Brony Porn, Porn Star CrossFit, And The Tranny Awards Gets A Name Change: The Adult Film Minute

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On a second installment of The Adult Film Minute, Dr. Chauntelle explains Brony porn, porn star crossfit, and why the Tranny Awards is getting a name change.


Morning Links: CrossFit People Are Still Hurting Themselves

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Watch a woman piledrive herself into a gym floor with a bunch of weights, because CrossFit fails are still the deadliest kinds of fails.


CrossFit Fail Is The Most Dangerous Fail

By | 19 Comments

Here's a dangerous CrossFit fail from a woman doing full squats with no spotter or squat rack. PUSH PUSH PUSH whoops my spine fell out.


Meet The Pregnant CrossFit Mom Who Drew The Ire Of Morons On Facebook

By | 21 Comments

If I had anything to be proud of other than my Bobby Cobb penny can autographed by the entire cast of Cougar Town, I guess I might be tempted to brag about it in a public forum, but since the majority of people on the Internet are sadistic, sad monsters, I’ve grown kind of fond of keeping things to myself.


Move Over Danica Patrick, The Daytona 500 Is All About Christmas Abbott

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Now that Danica Patrick has won the pole for the 2013 Daytona 500 this Sunday on Fox, the media can begin this season’s most common pre-race question: “Will Danica Patrick become the first woman to win the Daytona 500?” And then it will be asked at the next race, the race after that and so on, because until she wins a race, it will be the easiest question a NASCAR writer can write.


Erin Andrews Is Either Dead Or Exercising

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You may have seen this gallery already.


This Needs To Happen, San Diego

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Upon first glance, seeing that the University of San Diego currently has a 34-year old running back would be cause for laughter.


Extremely Tired Morning Links

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I spent my weekend in the Dallas-Fort Worth Metroplex (or whatever it's called) enjoying a Cleveland Indians victory over the Texas Rangers (the only one we managed to get) and taking in a Double-A game at Dr.


Morning Links: Kiss The Week Goodbye

By | 4 Comments

Sports Billy Hunter Says Kiss the 2011-2012 NBA Season Goodbye - To paraphrase one of our commenters, as a Dallas Mavericks fan I'm happy the team gets to be champions into perpetuity.


Morning Links: The Underwear Games

By | 11 Comments

Sports PoV: The Lingerie Basketball League - The part of me that assumes women are human beings and my equal thinks this probably shouldn't be a thing.


How to Get Body Dysmorphia: Attend the CrossFit Games

By | 41 Comments

With Leather's founding editor Matt Ufford attended the CrossFit Games in Carson, California last weekend.


Barkley Chin Up and Jam!

By | 5 Comments

Sir Charles Barkley is an eleven-time NBA All-Star and a member of the original Dream Team, but he was never really a fitness role model.

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