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Exclusive: Get The Scoop On DC Comics’ Next Big Crossover, ‘Convergence’

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DC Comics has a major crossover coming, and we've got the scoop on the last four issues.


Here’s Your First Look At ‘Mythbusters’ Tackling The Most Ridiculous Moments From ‘The Simpsons’

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Yes, the Mythbusters are tackling the Simpsons, and they have the foam Homer to prove it.

Stan Lee

Stan Lee Reportedly Hints At Marvel Studios’ Efforts To Merge Their Respective Superhero Franchises

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Stan Lee joined a live Q&A to celebrate 75 years of Marvel and may have hinted at serious talks to bring Marvel's movie properties together.


Video: I Love Basketball TV Shows How To Do The Best Crossovers In The Game


The best guards in the NBA and in NBA history have all featured some iteration of the crossover.

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The Guardians Of The Galaxy Will Stay Away From The Avengers

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The Avengers may meet the Guardians of the Galaxy, but the Guardians are keeping their franchise to themselves.

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Lisa Joins The Planet Express Crew In These New ‘Simpsons’/’Futurama’ Crossover Images

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Bender talks through his ass and Lisa discovers the future in these new 'Simpsons'/'Futurama' crossover images.

Ant Man

‘Ant-Man’ Leaks A Visit From An Incredibly Busy SHIELD Agent

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'Ant-Man' will see a SHIELD agent we're all getting very familiar with appear, according to a casting leak.


Marvel Collapses Into ‘Civil War’ With A New Set Of Comics Next Year

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Remember 'Civil War?' Marvel's bringing it back for a new round of comics.


‘Archie Meets The Predator’ Is Officially The Best Crossover Ever

By | 9 Comments

Yes. We said 'Archie Meets The Predator.' Yes, it's real. We checked.

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Let’s Take A Fond Look Back At The Lost Art Of The Shameless Television Crossover

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In honor of tonight's 'Simpsons/Family Guy' crossover episode, we look back at a once great television gimmick and what it meant.

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Here’s The First Image From The ‘Simpsons’/’Futurama’ Crossover

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The Simpsons meet the Planet Express crew in this first image from Entertainment Weekly.

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Fox Released 5 Minutes Of The ‘Simpsons’/’Family Guy’ Crossover And It Looks As Expected

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One of the most anticipated and dreaded television pairing has an exclusive five-minute tease directly from Comic-Con.


Good News, Everyone! The ‘Simpsons’ / ‘Futurama’ Crossover Is Coming In November

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'Futurama' will be visiting Springfield in a crossover we actually want... and it seems to hint at the show's return.


Marvel Will Announce Its Latest Title On… ‘The View?’ (UPDATE: They Debuted A Female Thor Book)

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'The View' is not exactly a hotbed of intelligent comics analysis. And yet, Marvel's launching a new book there anyway!


Will ‘Arrow’ Be Tied To ‘Batman V Superman: Dawn Of Justice’?

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Despite DC packing the cast, there is at least one hero who won't be showing up to 'Batman V Superman'.

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‘Angry Birds Transformers’ Seeks The Avian Allspark


'Angry Birds Transformers' is not a joke, and will be coming soon. Really. We looked it up.


There’s Some Bad News If You’re Waiting For That Big Marvel Comics Crossover Film

By | 23 Comments

Avi Arad sat down and talked the future of 'The Amazing Spider-Man' appearing in 'The Avengers' and other series.

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