Bryan-Michael Cox Is “Passing The Crown” To Fellow Producers


“Passing the Crown” represents sharing knowledge and access to other individuals so they can win.


“Passing The Crown” Featuring Bryan-Michael Cox


As many of our readers know already, Crown Royal Black represents Southern style and is the drink of choice for true Southern gentlemen.


Big Boi Lives The Crown Life

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<a href=""> Remember the days when the powers that be would not let Big Boi be great? His solo album appeared to be more of a pipe dream than reality and it sucked to see one of the titans of Hip Hop receive such a raw deal. Fast forward a year and some change and through General Patton's own ground work, the script is completely flipped and his career appears to be hitting cruise control with a second wind. Taking notice of this, Crown Royal Black decided to attach their brand to Big Boi's for quite the unique partnership. The mini-documentary, The Crown Life, follows the ATLien from the Grammys in L.A. to random gas stations in Atlanta. What was captivating was the portal it traveled to expose Big Boi the businessman and entertainer as well as, and more importantly, Big Boi the person. He's always carried himself as one of the more down-to-earth and appreciative artists and with testimonials of those closest to him, such a thought is only solidified. There is even a brief sit down with the traptastic trio of Pill, Killer Mike and Big who all shed light on how their union came to fruition. More highlights arise from the clip, but that's where your mouse and your eyes come into play. Since no time is better than the present, cop <a href="">Sir Lucious Left Foot: The Son Of Chico Dusty</a> if you haven't already done so.

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