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The Backstreet Boys Cruise Looks Like A Great Way To Travel Back To 1995

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This October, join the Backstreet Boys and hundreds of screaming women for wet t-shirt contests and 90s pop music on their very own cruise.

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Motorhead Is Launching A Rock Cruise To Blow All The Awful Bands Out Of The Water

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The open ocean is finally getting some real music as Motorhead is launching its MotörBoat rock cruise this fall.


Brain Bleaching Thought Of The Day: Paula Deen Once Had Sex On A Train

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Here are some of the highlights from Gawker's lengthy piece on a $3,000 Paula Deen cruise recently attended by one of their reporters.

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The Lord Taketh Away The Mark McGrath/Sugar Ray Cruise, The Lord Giveth The Weezer Cruise

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"Say It Ain't So" would be a great name for a memoir about the Weezer cruise in the event it turns into another Poop Cruise.

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Seriously, Why Does Anyone Still Pay Good Money To Go On A Cruise?

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I've never been on a cruise, but they can't be so good that people are willing to risk having to live for days in a pool of their own waste.

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This Is Just An Accurate Description Of A 'F***in' Cruise Ship'

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For any of you who have never been on a cruise ship here's an amazingly succinct and accurate (and profanity-laden) description from vlogger Greg Benson. Also, ice cream bars are legit.


In This Case, You Should Rock The Boat


Why spend the New Year tapping your foot to easy listening or your mother’s favorite muzak as your family tells embarrassing stories of your childhood when you could break out your bathing suits and your not-so-metal hands for the annual Rock Boat event from January 6-10.

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