Lil Jon Feat. 3OH!3 – “Hey” Video


<a href=""> Did you forget all about Lil Jon's <a href="">Crunk Rock</a>.


“Outta Your Mind” – Review Of Lil Jon’s Crunk Rock

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<a href=""> Though, you won't hear his name being glorified amongst the ranks of a Rakim or DJ Kool Herc, Lil Jon deserves to be recognized as a pioneering author in Hip-Hop's chapters of culture expansion all the same. Through his seemingly limitless array of chart-topping production combined with an unequivocal charisma, the Atlanta wildman all but invented the Crunk subgenre as he made it into a lucrative and undeniable phenom. He even established credibility on all edges of the map, collaborating with lyricists such as Nas, Jadakiss and Busta Rhymes to increase his popularity amongst disbelievers. As in the case of every overwhelming success, though, copycats, label turmoil and an insatiable demand for appearances led to the King of Crunk taking an undetermined hiatus at the height of his career. As always, the show must go on and Jon blows the dust off the four-year-old <a href="">Crunk Rock</a> to rebuild his empire.


LMFAO Feat. Lil Jon – “Shots” Video

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I give credit to <a href="">LMFAO</a>.

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