Tiger Woods Does Not Like It When People Write Really Bad Satire About Him

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Tiger Woods clutched his pearls in word form on Derek Jeter's new website in response to some Golf Digest writer's parody 'interview.'


Ice Cube Squashes Posthumous Paul Walker Beef

By | 21 Comments

People got the idea that Ice Cube was pissed that he didn't win an MTV Movie Award because of a strange quote about Paul Walker.


Fire Up The Trade Machine: 10 Dwight Howard Trades That Could Help The L.A. Lakers

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It has been a few months since I was finally able to extinguish the last of my raging hatred of Dwight Howard for what he did to my beloved Orlando Magic, but I’m actually glad that I can look at him in a new, unbiased light.


Just What The Olympics Needs – Quidditch

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For those who haven’t heard, quidditch is an imaginary sport that was created by author J.


Update: Turns Out Crybaby Rangers Fan Has Pretty Good Parents

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Yesterday, we had a pretty great discussion about the young Texas Rangers fan who cried when Mitch Moreland tossed a ball into the stands and it was caught by a couple that spent the next 10 minutes taking photos of each other with that ball.


Once Again, Kids Learn That Crying Gets Them Whatever They Want

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We’ve had some great conversations here in the past about baseball fan etiquette and, more specifically, what is right and wrong when it comes to little kids and foul balls.


New Study: Tim Tebow’s Tears Are So Macho

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The American Psychological Association has released a new study, entitled, "Psychology of Men & Masculinity," and the findings are going to blow your minds.

#LeBron James

We Were Very Unfair To The Miami Heat

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Since the NBA is currently locked out and there most likely won’t be a season since the commissioner, owners, and players do not believe it is a priority to resolve their Collective Bargaining Agreement issues anytime soon, the players have a lot of free time on their hands.


Trash Arguing About Garbage

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Foul balls -- people who want them, and the fatter, meaner people who end up taking them -- have become an important topic of discussion at With Leather.


When Did Quarterbacks Stop Having Balls?

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When the Miami Dolphins and Denver Broncos failed to reach an agreement on a trade for Kyle Orton, two things happened: 1) Chad Henne fell ass backwards into another year as the de facto starter for Miami, and B) Tim Tebow possibly lost his job as the starter in Denver.


Follow-Up: Selfless Baseball Kid Got A Bunch Of Cool Presents

By | 4 Comments

When we last talked on Friday, we were discussing the intricacies of foul ball etiquette, juxtaposed with infant mentality in adult sports fans and subsequent child entitlement.


NHL Puck-Up: Green Men Get The Boot?


The two Vancouver Canucks fans lovingly known as the Green Men claim that they received a warning from Canucks officials before Saturday’s game to curb their behavior that they’ve become somewhat famous for.


Baby Angers Tennis Player With Crying


Who wins in a matchup between a whiny baby and a whiny tennis player.


Terrell Owens Is A Team Player

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Over the weekend, 36-year old free agent wide receiver and humble role player Terrell Owens told the NFL Network’s Rich Eisen that he hasn’t signed a deal because the media has unfairly portrayed him as a cancer in the locker room, an accusation that Owens vehemently denies.

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