A Japanese Hotel Is Offering Designated ‘Crying Rooms’ Just For Ladies

Because real women cry and respectable women do it in private.


Steve Harvey Is In For Another Tear-Jerking Birthday Surprise On His Show Tomorrow


In a new preview for tomorrow's 'Steve Harvey Show,' the host gets another tear-jerking birthday visit from his early supporters.

justin beiber

Report: Justin Bieber Has Been ‘Non-Stop Crying’ Since The N-Word Scandal Broke


Has Justin Bieber really been crying since the fallout of the N-word scandal? We can only hope!


Chinese Fan Weeps After Seeing Kobe Bryant

A Chinese man cries uncontrollably during a news interview as he tries to talk about spotting Kobe Bryant.


Supercut: Sad Robert De Niro

A collection of scenes where Robert De Niro cries his eyes out.


The Science of Crying

Have you ever wondered why your face leaks when you're sad or emotional.


‘Let Me Bang Bro’ Is The New ‘Yes We Can’


The best part of this video from 'The Ultimate Fighter' of a guy bursting into tears as he repeats LET ME BANG BRO are the folks in the comments section who "don't get" why people who aren't goofy dude-bros think it's funny.


Boehner Baby

Jimmy Kimmel unveils a new toy inspired by Speaker of the House John Boehner's inability to fight back tears: Boehner Baby.


Finally, Someone Hates Aaron Rodgers


If you had told me that someone was going to conduct a poll in Wisconsin about Green Bay Packers quarterback Aaron Rodgers' popularity, I would have slapped you and told you to stop wasting money.


The Proper Way To Deal With These Little Jerks


I don't have children, but in the event that I ever bring a little person into this world, I hope I react to the announcement that they "love the Ankees" by berating them to tears and evicting them from my home.


The Mets Are Procrastinating

After their win last Thursday, the Mets had a magic number of one.

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