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Cuba Gooding Jr. Pulled A Kanye At The SAG Awards

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Hey, is that the guy from "Snow Dogs"? It is!


The New Red Band Trailer For ‘Machete Kills’ Is Even More Ridiculous

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Another day, <a href="" target="_blank">another reminder of just how absurd</a> Machete Kills is going to be.

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Cuba Gooding, Jr. Calls Himself ‘Dick McWilly,’ Claims He Had Sex With A Leprechaun At Parties

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Cuba Gooding, Jr., who filmed a pilot for Fox that wasn't picked up, talks about having sex with a leprechaun and calls himself "Dick McWilly" at parties.


Cuba Gooding Jr. says that bartender he shoved was racist

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The other night at 3 am in a bar in New Orleans, where, as Laremy has The video cuts in right after Cuba leaves the bar, and the brunette follows him into the street, telling someone to "call the cops right now.


George Lucas taught Terrence Howard to fly

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This trailer for Red Tails is very important as it was produced by the famous cat thief George Lucas.

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Even Dogs Hate Cuba Gooding Jr. Movies

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Here's a poor dog whose owners made him watch Snow Dogs.


Cuba Gooding Jr. wins the Oscar for being a drunk

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In today's edition of Stars Are Just Like Us, Cuba Gooding gets drunk and rambles incoherently.

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    Different haircut on the DVD cover than in the movie.

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