A Cure For Type I Diabetes Is Just A Few Human Trials Away

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Type I diabetes is a serious medical problem affecting millions. And we are tantalizingly close to a cure.


A Baby Believed To Be Cured Of HIV Now Has HIV

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In 2013, it seemed that a baby had been cured of HIV. Sadly, now, not so much.


Scientists At Yale May Have Discovered The Cure For Alopecia Universalis

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An FDA-approved arthritis drug helped a 25-year old man with alopecia universalis grow a full head of hair during an 8-month trial.


Science Invented the Bacterial Version of Suicide Bombers?

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Pseudomonas aeruginosa is two things: absolutely nasty and absolutely everywhere.

you're going to love my nuts

Cure for Diabetes Found In Nards?

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How many euphemisms for male genitalia can we work into one post.

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