Terrence Howard Is Mad Because He Can’t Use The ‘N’ Word On ‘Empire’

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The actor attributes the show's success to its willingness to test television's limits, but he wants to push them even further.


Little Girl Adorably Tells Santa ‘F*ck You’ Because Christmas Is Wonderful

By | 6 Comments

'Tis the season for learning new things, like how to tell the big man in the chimney how you really feel.

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Check Out This Guy Dropping A Slew Of F-Bombs As A Tornado Rips Through His Los Angeles Neighborhood

By | 17 Comments

If you witnessed an apocalyptic storm tearing through beautiful, sunny California, you'd be cursing in disbelief, too.


Your Favorite ‘Sesame Street’ Characters Are Very, Very Naughty In This Week’s ‘Unnecessary Censorship’

By | 5 Comments

Jimmy Kimmel gives us a special 'Sesame Street' look at 'Unnecessary Censorship,' leaving us with very awkward with Cookie Monster. Gordon wants to do WHAT with his sister!?


Watch These ‘Potty-Mouthed Princesses’ Shout F-Bombs To Fight Discrimination

By | 15 Comments

The people at FCKH8 had some young girls curse like sassy sailors to raise awareness for gender inequality.


Please Enjoy This Glorious F*cking Supercut Of Kids Cursing In Movies

By | 7 Comments

If you enjoy the beautiful sounds of curse words coming out of children, you might like this supercut.


Ding Ding Ding! Julia Roberts-Sally Field Celebrity Curse Off: Who Ya Got?

By | 10 Comments

Sally Field faced off with Julia Roberts in a Celebrity Curse Off on 'Jimmy Kimmel Live' last night.

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This Adorable Toddler With Bad Pronunciation Tells You Where You Can Shove It


Lloyd is a one-and-a-half year-old half Canadian, half Swedish toddler with a unique accent and some pronunciation issues.


A Soccer Analyst Called Per Mertesacker ‘The Big F*cking German’ On Live TV

By | 2 Comments

Sky Germany's Chris Lymberopoulos actually referred to Per Mertesacker by his colorful nickname on live TV this morning.


Ronda Rousey Dropped The S-Bomb On SportsCenter, Got Threatened With Cuddles By Total Creep

By | 6 Comments

Ronda Rousey prepared for her UFC 168 showdown with Miesha Tate by accidentally cursing on SportsCenter, causing lots of awkward talk about cuddling.


The Boston Red Sox Won The World Series And Here Come The F-Bombs

By | 6 Comments

The Boston Red Sox are World Series Champions, so Jon Lester and fans are saying the F-word on TV as frequently as possible. WORLD F**KEN CHAMPIONS


Baby Tries to Say “Flamingo”


Paige tries her hardest to say "flamingo" but she adorably mangles it into something much more vulgar.


Ant Holes in the Basement


A two-year-old tries to inform his dad about the pests in the basement.


The Best F*cking News Bloopers Ever


The ultimate collection of f-bombs dropped during live news broadcasts.


Tom Hanks Curses on ‘Good Morning America’


GMA host Elizabeth Vargas asks Tom Hanks to do an Australian accent, and he gets so deep into character that he drops an f-bomb on live TV.

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