Al-Doe Ft. Curt@!n$ – “Flava Flav’s Clock”

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Listen as the two rip a classic P.E. track to shreds.


CurT@!n$ – 23 EP

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Whenever I think of Curt@.

Scumbino's Way

Emilio Sparks Feat. CurT@!n$ – “Change Gon’ Come” Video


When it comes to newer lyricists, chances are CurT@!n$ never comes up your discussions.

Tony Williams

Cloudkicker x FLüD Watches Present Emilio Sparks – Scumbino’s Way


Emilio Sparks gets paid to be a professional cretin.

Truck North

Truck North – Quicktape


When he wasn't out making money with the Jam Boys, Truck Nizzy snuck to the studio to churn out a fast burner to remind you he can stand on his own two on the m-i-c.


A (2)Dope Mixtape: Empire State Edition

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Ever since Meka moved to New York, game got real. Our homies over at the (2)Dopehouse show their love and appreciation for the Big Apple rap circuit with their mixtape A (2)Dope Mixtape: Empire State Edition.


Skyzoo, Torae & CurT@!n$ – “The Incredible”

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Turnabout is fair play, ain't that right Joey.

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