Watch This Dog Help Open His Family’s Gifts On Christmas Morning

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Dogs prove to be the better pets once again, helping to unwrap gifts on Christmas morning. Let's see your cat do that!

Cute Dogs

This Puppy Is So Serious About Napping, You Don’t Even Know

By | 8 Comments

Scratch and poke Cleo all you want, the pitbull pup is immune to it all.


Be Still My Heart: Baby’s First Crawl Rewarded With A Kiss From The Family Dog


A video featuring a cute baby and perhaps even a cuter dog — what more could you ask for?


This Adorable Dog Looking For Belly Rubs Put An Entire Soccer Game On Hold

By | 5 Comments

We can't say we blame this dog for looking for belly rubs in the middle of an Argentinian soccer game.

Cute Dogs

This Sleeping Dog Wants Your Alarm Clock To Cool It With All The Noise

By | 6 Comments

This dog has had enough of your alarm clock waking it up and ruining its sweet dreams.

Cute Dogs

Feel The Burning Rage From This Dog As He Watches A Fox Play With Its Toys Outside

By | 21 Comments

This dog made a mistake and forgot its toys outside, allowing a fox to have a field day while the dog was trapped indoors.

Cute Dogs

This Adorable French Bulldog’s Struggle For A Tennis Ball Will Inspire You

By | 5 Comments

This French bulldog represents all of us and our daily struggles. The person running the camera represents Satan.

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