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This Little Girl Turns A New York Subway Platform Into An Impromptu Dance Party

By | 8 Comments

This rhythm moved this dancing little girl and she got other commuters in on the party, right in the middle of the subway platform.

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Joe Biden Called A 3-Year Old Girl Because She ‘Calls’ Him On Her Toy Phone

By | 11 Comments

Because he's just a cool guy, Vice President Joe Biden called a young girl's family after he learned she had been 'calling' him.


Some Of Your Favorite NXT Stars (And Alex Riley) Shared Their Adorable Childhood Halloween Costumes

By | 18 Comments

Wanna see Renee Young dressed as the Easter Bunny for Halloween? Of course you do.


Non-Profit Makes Three-Year-Old A Radical Prosthetic Iron Man Hand For Free

By | 5 Comments

Thanks to 3D printers Bubba has a new prosthetic hand, and of course he asked for an Iron Man hand.


The Adorable ‘Predator’ Kid Is Here To Steal Your Heart And Then Hunt It For Sport

By | 5 Comments

This kid's family wins all the awards for adorable, but awkward cosplay choices.

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A Kid’s Letter To Santa Asking Him To Make Pokemon Real Is A Super Effective Attack On The Heartstrings

By | 13 Comments

What does a kid do when he discovers Pokemon aren't real? Ask Santa to make that s--t right of course...

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Watch This Adorable Little Girl Fight Confusion When Meeting Her Father’s Twin For The First Time


Check out this cute video of a little girl meeting her father's twin for the first time and the confusion it causes.

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