This Little Girl Completely Loses Her Mind Watching Two Turtles Humping At The Zoo

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We're not sure which is louder, the groaning turtles or small child screaming 'OH MY GOODNESS!'

The birds and the bees

Watch These Parents Awkwardly Tell Their Kids About Sex For The Very First Time

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As if having to learn about the birds and the bees isn't bad enough, these awesome parents decided to teach their kids on camera.

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This Kid Has The Most Heartwarming Reaction When He Learns He’s Getting A Sibling For Christmas

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Little Ethan's mom tells him he's going to be a big brother for Christmas and he is just OVER THE MOON.

Cute Kids

This Little Girl Turns A New York Subway Platform Into An Impromptu Dance Party

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This rhythm moved this dancing little girl and she got other commuters in on the party, right in the middle of the subway platform.

joe biden

Joe Biden Called A 3-Year Old Girl Because She ‘Calls’ Him On Her Toy Phone

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Because he's just a cool guy, Vice President Joe Biden called a young girl's family after he learned she had been 'calling' him.


Some Of Your Favorite NXT Stars (And Alex Riley) Shared Their Adorable Childhood Halloween Costumes

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Wanna see Renee Young dressed as the Easter Bunny for Halloween? Of course you do.


Non-Profit Makes Three-Year-Old A Radical Prosthetic Iron Man Hand For Free

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Thanks to 3D printers Bubba has a new prosthetic hand, and of course he asked for an Iron Man hand.


The Adorable ‘Predator’ Kid Is Here To Steal Your Heart And Then Hunt It For Sport

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This kid's family wins all the awards for adorable, but awkward cosplay choices.

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A Kid’s Letter To Santa Asking Him To Make Pokemon Real Is A Super Effective Attack On The Heartstrings

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What does a kid do when he discovers Pokemon aren't real? Ask Santa to make that s--t right of course...

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Watch This Adorable Little Girl Fight Confusion When Meeting Her Father’s Twin For The First Time


Check out this cute video of a little girl meeting her father's twin for the first time and the confusion it causes.

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