Cuddle Clones

Cuddle Clones Are The Creepiest ‘Cute’ Thing On The Internet

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The internet loves cute animals and odd novelty gifts, so it was only a matter of time until someone came up with the cute-yet-completely-bizarre Cuddle Clones.

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Here’s What These Seniors Would Say If They Could Tell Younger Generations Just One Thing

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When older folks get a chance to share one piece of wisdom with the younger generation, they try to make it count.


Watch This Adorable Little Girl Challenge Disney World’s Gaston To An Arm Wrestling Match

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The Gaston performer at Disney World continues to take guff from the world's children.


Watch Some Penguins Chill With An iPad

By | 2 Comments

Penguins, it turns out, love iPads even more than humans.


Watch ‘The Raiders Of The Lost Bark’ Make Indiana Jones Far More Adorable

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Ever wonder what Indiana Jones would be like as a puppy? We now finally have an answer.


These Cute Dogs And Cats Are Here To Share The Christmas Spirit With You


Please enjoy 25 festive felines and convivial canines celebrating Christmas with good cheer.


Here’s A Golden Treasury Of Cats And Dogs Amusingly Caught Unaware Of Christmas

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Christmas is coming, but these murderously perturbed cats and sad-eyed, confused dogs were caught wholly unprepared for the holy day.

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Toddler Gets Emotional While Watching Her Favorite Movie, Sets New Record For Adorable

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The emotion of Raegen's favorite movie got the best of her, and her dad was sure to capture the entire adorable scene on video.

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The Official Dancing Baby Groot Will Be On Shelves For Christmas

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Want a dancing Groot of your very own? Marvel is happy to oblige.

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This Adorable Debate Between Two Toddlers Is The Cutest Weather Report Ever

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Watch a pair of adorable toddlers engage in a heated debate about whether it's raining or sprinkling outside.


Budweiser’s New Puppy-Centric Commercial Is The Perfect Anti-Drunk Driving Ad

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In addition to all the other devastation and havoc it can wreak, drunk driving also has the power to kill puppy love.


These Arguing Koalas Will Make You Wish Every Couple’s Public Fighting Could Be This Adorable

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These fighting koalas will make you wish every couple's arguments could be this adorable.


Kiba The Cosplaying Corgi Had Us At ‘Cosplaying Corgi’

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Kiba The Cosplaying Corgi arrives just in time to pull us all out of the doldrums.

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Watch This Baby Boy Adorably React To Hearing His Parents For The First Time Thanks To A Hearing Aid

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Watch seven-week-old Lachlan Lever hear his parents' voices for the first time thanks to a brand new hearing aid.


Our Ghostbusters Day Celebration Continues With Even More Cool Costumes


For National Ghostbusters Day, we've busted out a second gallery of our favorite Ghostbusters cosplay because bustin' makes us feel good.


Let’s Celebrate National Ghostbusters Day By Bustin’ Out The Cool Costumes


To celebrate National Ghostbusters Day, we've busted out our favorite Ghostbusters cosplay because bustin' makes us feel good.

Dancing Groot

First Look: It’s The Officially Licensed ‘Guardians Of The Galaxy’ Dancing Groot!

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Finally some good news. You're going to be able to buy this adorable, officially licensed dancing Groot. You're welcome.

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Watch This Kid Completely Lose His Mind When His Dad Pulls The ‘I’ve Got Your Nose’ Trick

By | 3 Comments

A young boy becomes absolutely devastated when his dad "steals" his ear and nose.

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