Watch ‘Game Of Thrones’ Star Maisie Williams Talk About Her Experiences With Awful Internet Trolls

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The 'Game of Thrones' actress admits to being a victim of cyber bullying, but is taking a stand in this video.


Obamacare Website Girl Says She Was Relentlessly Cyberbullied By Anti-Obamacare Morons

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The world is full of stupid people. Those who harassed this poor woman because a stock photo of her appeared on the Obamacare website are among the stupidest.

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An English 'Glamour Model' Is Suing The NHS Over Her Free Breast Enhancement

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A 23-year old aspiring English glamour model named Josie Cunningham is suing the NHS after she claimed that he free breast implants ruined her life.

your coworkers suck

Researchers: Your Coworkers Are Probably D-Bags On The Internet

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We know, it's a shock that your coworkers are ill-behaved, boorish idiots, but science is never wrong.

phil ochs was right

Cyberbullying Is Not The Same Thing As Real World Bullying, Okay?

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As Cajun noted yesterday, the state of New York is trying to strip the Internet of its anonymity to prevent cyberbullying, you know, because it's very important that teenagers limit saying cruel, thoughtless, awful things to each other's faces instead of doing it anonymously on the Internet.

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