A History Of Sterling Archer’s Mishaps With Totally Awesome Modes Of Transportation

By | 11 Comments

Sterling Archer has a well-documented history with travel plans going awry, including these hysterical moments.


UPROXX Trivia: Are You Smart Enough To Be A Gentleman Spy Like ‘Archer’?

By | 37 Comments

Before you watch the Season 6 premiere of 'Archer' on FX, test your knowledge of the super spy series in our latest trivia challenge.


‘Archer’ Exclusive: Cyril Figgis Would Like You To Say Hello To Office Supplies In This New ISIS Training Video

By | 8 Comments

You'll be shocked to discover the process is not quite as convenient and organized as Cyril's heart desires.


The Very Best Of 30 Rock’s ‘Doctor’ Leo Spaceman

By | 3 Comments

As 30 Rock's Dr. Leo Spaceman, Chris Parnell has once again proven that he is one of the most underrated and funniest actors on TV.

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