Royal Flush

The iPod Shuffle: Royal Flush’s “Movin’ On Ya Weak Production”

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Nostalgia could be taking over but I'd say one-hit wonders of previous generations of rap still created music that stands up over time.

#Justin Bieber

6.13 The Cooler

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<a href=""> Joey Star Employers Now Legally Able to Fire Medical Marijuana Users <a href="">[Time]</a> Lily Allen is Married.

Smif N Wessun

Sound Bwoy Buriell Songs…

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Instrumentals from one of Bucktown's beloved duos, Tek & Steele of Smif-N-Wessun.

Tape One Mixtape

DJ Evil Dee – Tape One

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For a while there, I was all about keeping up with <a href="">Evil Dee's podcasts</a> but then I fell off.


DJ Evil Dee – Pure Dope Mixtape

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Evil Dee kindly blessed the masses by cracking the vaults & releasing one of his old tapes.

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