“Not Caring To The Point I Stopped Lying…”

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Contray to popular belief, Big Sean's 2012 campaign has seen more highs than lows through a handful of notable, stellar and well-placed guest verses and now a mixtape receiving generally positive reviews.


Ludacris – “Jingalin”

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Ludacris might not get the respect he deserves from most hip-hop pundits, but every time he returns from hiatus with new music, fans typically bite.


Nicki Minaj Feat. Drake, Nas & Young Jeezy – “Champion”

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"This is for the hood, this is for the kids, this is for the single mothers, aggins doin' bids" After getting flooded with a bi-polar string of singles from Nicki Minaj over the past few months, we finally have a taste of Pink Friday that we can all agree is actually worth repeated spins.

Salaam Remi

Nas – “The Don” (Prod. By Salaam Remi, Da Internz & Heavy D.)

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It couldn't have been more than two or three days ago while leaving the gym that I overheard someone bragging about having eight new Nas songs.

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