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John Cena Says He Fears Jon Stewart, And Seth Rollins ‘May Not Know What He’s Getting Into’

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TMZ caught up with John Cena to ask him some WrestleMania questions, including his thoughts on the Seth Rollins/Jon Stewart feud.

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EXCLUSIVE: ‘Hot Tub Time Machine 2′ Predicts Jessica Williams Will Be The Future ‘Daily Show’ Host

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The boys in Hot Tub Time Machine 2 travel to 2025 and while there they watch The Daily Show with Jessica Williams. It's now predestined.

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Jon Stewart Apologizes To California DA For Factual Error, Tells Brian Kilmeade Of Fox News To ‘F*ck Off’

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A factual error by Jon Stewart led to him apologizing to a California DA and telling a Fox News talking head to f*ck off last night.

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Jon Stewart Ripped Chris Christie For Vetoing A Bill That Would Allow Pigs To Move Around On Pig Farms

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Chris Christie vetoed a bill unpopular in Iowa, where he hopes to gain support for a presidential run. Jon Stewart isn't happy.


Jon Stewart Made A Joke About Bill Cosby Laying Pipe Without Approval During A Keystone Pipeline Segment

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Not so fast, Conan & Seth Meyers! Jon Stewart may have actually been the first late night talk show to make a joke about the Bill Cosby rape scandal.

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Black Friday Finally Gets The Frothy, Profane Lewis Black Rant It So Justly Deserves

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If anything was ever deserving of Lewis Black's righteous anger, it's Black Friday.

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What’s On Tonight: The First Of What Will Probably Be Many More Superhero TV Spin-Offs

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The series premiere of 'The Flash' and Papa Bear is on 'The Daily Show'

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Jon Stewart: The ‘Ebola Fever’-Stricken Mainstream Media Are Fanning The Flames Of Panic


Is the mainstream media blowing the Ebola virus out of proportion for ratings? They would never do such a thing, WOULD THEY?

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Watch Jon Stewart Lose His Mind Over The Stupidity Of The Congressmen Who Make Climate Change Laws

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Here's a reminder that many of the people who make laws that govern our society or either idiots, whores to lobbyists, or both.

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The Daily Show Talked Lana, The Real Americans And WWE’s Controversial ‘Current Events’

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Jon Stewart's exploding wrestling fandom continues as The Daily Show discusses Lana, The Real Americans and WWE's Malaysian Airlines promo.


Kevin Hart Went On The ‘Daily Show’ And Spent The Entire Time Talking About Wrestling

By | 35 Comments

Recent Monday Night Raw guest star Kevin Hart went on The Daily Show and talked classic wrestling (and ropes) with Jon Stewart.


Watch Jon Stewart Point And Laugh At Texas Republicans For Attempting To ‘Cure’ Gayness

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Texas Republicans want to rid their state of gay people by curing them with the ole "pray the gay away" scheme. This is 2014 still, right?


Jon Stewart To Fox News: Where Was The Benghazi-Esque Outrage When The Bush White House Lied About Iraq?

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The Daily Show finally got around to ripping Fox News over its relentless Benghazi coverage, after it carried water for the Bush administration over Iraq.


Watch Jon Stewart Vigorously Yank Bill O’Reilly’s Chain Over His Odd Obsession With Beyonce

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Bill O'Reilly is oddly obsessed with Beyonce. He probably wants to do things to her with a felafel and whatnot.


This ‘Daily Show’ Segment On Gun Nuts And The Lawyers Who Represent Them Is Hysterical, But Chilling

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The NRA held it's annual gun nut convention over the weekend. Cue the endless video clips of right-wing politicians saying crazy things.


Sean Hannity Challenged Jon Stewart To A Fight Over Cliven Bundy And Jon Stewart Cold Knocked His Ass Out

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Sean Hannity took issue with Jon Stewart for blasting him for supporting Cliven Bundy. Jon Stewart responded with a knockout punch on the Daily Show.


The Daily Show Took On The NCAA And Player Unions With Photoshops Of Stalin


Jon Stewart and The Daily Show took on the weird disparity between the NCAA having tons of money and players not having enough money to eat.


Meet The Ungrateful Pennsylvanians Who Won’t Accept Free Pizza In Exchange For Environmental Pollution

By | 19 Comments

Recently, after a gas well explosion in Pennsylvania, Chevron said "We're sorry!" to local residents by offering them all free pizza from Bobstown Pizza.


Here's Further Proof That CPAC Exists Mainly So The 'Daily Show' Can Make Fun Of It

By | 18 Comments

The Daily Show gave special consideration this year to Paul Ryan for being more completely full of sh*t than anyone else in attendance at CPAC.

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