Watch Cowboys Wide Receiver Dez Bryant Totally Bungle This Wide Open Dunk


Dallas Cowboy superstar goes up for a wide open slam... only to bungle it.


A Man In Prison Is Suing The NFL Over Dez Bryant’s Catch Ruled A Non-Catch

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The sting of the decision by referees to overturn their call of Dez Bryant's circus catch late in the 4th quarter of the Cowboys playoff game against the Packers on January 11th is still being felt by Cowboys fans across the country.


It’s Official: WrestleMania 32 Is Coming To AT&T Stadium In Arlington, Texas

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It's been a terribly kept secret for a while now, but WrestleMania 32 is officially headed to AT&T Stadium in Arlington, TX, in 2016.

stupid rules

Here’s The NFL’s Explanation Of The Calvin Johnson Rule And Why Dez Bryant’s Touchdown Didn’t Count

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Here is a complete explanation of the Calvin Johnson rule and why Dez Bryant's touchdown for the Cowboys didn't count.


This Week It Was Dallas’ Turn To Get Screwed On Fourth Down


Just when you think it’s safe to make a football catch, the Calvin Johnson Rule strikes again.


The Cowboys’ #AskOrlando Scandrick On Twitter Went As Badly As You Would Expect

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Dallas Cowboys host #AskOrlando Scandrick session on Twitter. It doesn't go well.


Country Singer Kinky Friedman Claims Jerry Jones And Chris Christie Are Homosexuals While Live On ESPN

By | 10 Comments

Kinky Friedman stopped by ESPN to talk about Jerry Jones, Chris Christie, and their important homosexual relationship.


ESPN Guest Describes Jerry Jones And Chris Christie’s Relationship As ‘Latent Homosexual’ In One Weird Interview

By | 16 Comments

Kinky Friedman calls Jerry Jones and Gov. Chris Christie a gay couple on ESPN's Outside The Lines.


The NFL Admitted To Yet Another Officiating Mistake In The Detroit-Dallas Game

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You'll be shocked to hear this but the officials missed yet another obvious call in the Detroit-Dallas game.


Chris Christie’s Brother Has A Message For People Making Fun Of The Governor’s Cowboys Love

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After people on Twitter made fun of Chris Christie's questionable Dallas Cowboys fanfare, his brother ripped them all a new one.


Former NFL Official Blasts Refs In Detroit-Dallas Game; Says Some Were ‘Intimidated’

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One NFL official put Pete Morelli's crew on blast, says they were "confused" and "intimidated."


George R.R. Martin Thinks Detroit Lions Fans Should Be ‘Screaming For Referee Blood’

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I have no idea what the author of 'Game of Thrones' is talking about, but I'm sure it'll involve the deaths of hundreds of referees.


Why Wasn’t Dez Bryant Flagged For An Unsportsmanlike Conduct Penalty On This Play?

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This is the play no one was talking about but ultimately made the biggest impact on the Dallas Cowboys victory.

taiwanese animation

The Ndamukong Suh Leg-Stomping Incident Got The Taiwanese Animation Treatment

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Tune in to Sunday's NFC wildcard game to see if Jerry Jones can avoid having his penis stomped on by Ndamukong Suh.

Ed Rendell

Ed Rendell Called Out New Jersey Governor Chris Christie For Being A Dallas Cowboys Fan

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According to Ed Rendell, being a Cowboys fan from Jersey indicates a basic inferiority complex.

NFL London

The Dallas Cowboys Did Not Think This Hashtag All The Way Through

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As many of you know, the Cowboys play the Jaguars at Wembley Stadium this week.


The New York Giants Were Briefed About Ebola Before Their Game In Dallas

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I imagine this was Eli Manning's reaction after being told of Ebola in Dallas.

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